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The short skirmish of Mithus had, in the Repaublic’s eyes, been a victory when the Nockudumey Terrorists had evacuated the planet. This was, however, not very true, for they had allowed them to escape. Victory was, really, not with either side.

A week later, on the rocky world of Geonosis…

…Bodotor Thuvat met with the hoodwinking Count Dooku, leader and founder of the Separatists. It was an organization which had split from the Republic, and it’s only goal was to have others split from the Republic.

Nearly a decade ago, Jedi Master Dooku had turned to the Dark Side of the Force. He had returned to his homeworld of Serenno, disappearing for eights years until finally making a severe speach, publicly, against the Republic, the Senate, and the Jedi Order, thus starting the Separatist movement.

“I am surprised by you, Thuvat,” said the Count. “I would not have thought that such a small terrorist organization would dare challenge the Republic.”

“Thank you, Count,” Bodotor said. “Unfortunately, victory was not with us on Mithus. Our army was far too weak.” Army was not quite the word for it.

Dooku nodded. “I am sure that Viceroy Gunray of the Trade Federation can purvey you with something.”

Meanwhile, on Coruscant, Peace Keepers Burt and Larry Drewton discussed their next mission, though not their first since Mithus, for they had been on several more since that time, but quite smaller ones.

“Palpatine claims to have information on a Nockudumey hideout in the Tunonel District,” Burt said. “That is where we are being sent.”

“That’s not a very good area,” Larry frowned.

“True, but we supposedly have a Jedi to escort us.”

This turned out to be true, in fact, the Jedi escort was actually the Jedi Knight who had rescued the Drewtons from Dantooine almost ten years ago: Idnum-Ki.

They once again thanked him for what he had done, but he only replied, “Yes, I am here. And you are lucky to be here, too, after all the absurd things you have done since you left Dantooine.”

The next day, the Peace Keepers, along with Idnum-Ki, set out for the Tunonel District. This area was in the underlevels of Coruscant, which were dark and dismal places. Once in the District, they located an old warehouse, which they had been told was assumed to be the Nockudumey Terrorists’ hideout.

One guard stood in front of the warehouse, who only the Jedi Knight and Burt Drewton approached.

“Who are you?” the terrorist guard demanded.

Idnum-Ki waved his hand, saying: “You don’t want to know who we are. You will tell us who you are.” The Jedi had decided he must discover that the guard was really a terrorist instead of just assuming he was one.

“I am a Terrorist of the Nockudumey organization. My name is-”

“You do not need to tell us anymore about yourself. Now you may go home and rethink your life.”

“I will go home and rethink my life,” the terrorist repeated. Burt observed that the Jedi was using the ‘Force’ to persuade this guard.

Once the Peace Keepers were inside the building, Idnum-Ki suggested that they split into two groups.

“I agree,” said Burt. “That means we’ll have a better chance if there’s an ambush.”

Later, the Drewtons and Idnum discovered a toxin that could destroy an entire city.

“We have to take this back to show the Chancellor,” said Idnum-Ki.

But suddenly, a bolt of energy flew past Burt.

Battle droids were firing at the group…

…and the group was firing back.

Meanwhile, Leaders of the Separatist and Nockudumey organizations remained at the top of the warehouse.

When a battle droid disturbed their conversation, Bodotor Thuvat wanted to shoot it, but did not after he heard the information it had brought.

“Sir, Republic meatbags have entered the warehouse. Republic meatbags have been shot at. Republic meatbags have shot at us. Other Republic meatbags are on the doorstep to this room.”

In rage after hearing this report, Thuvat wanted to continuously blast things randomly. However, when he turned around, his anger was turned into bafflement when he saw that Count Dooku had somehow disappeared.

“Dooku has abandoned us!” he growled to his assistant, Dem Nozah.

Suddenly, Bodotor and Nozah saw a blaster rifle being pointed at them.

“Don’t move!” Peace Keeper Kyle Krenis exclaimed.

But Krenis did not prove to be a threat when Count Dooku reappeared once again. The Sith Lord and former Jedi Master used the Dark Side of the Force to hurl bolts of lightning towards him, electrocuting him.

“Let’s kill him and be done with it!” said Bodotor Thuvat, pointing a blaster to Krenis’ head.

“No,” Dooku responded, “let us not alert the other Peace Keepers to our location by the sound of blaster fire… . …and I do not want to make my affiliation known. Order a retreat. Do not consider today as defeat, Bodotor. There was not even really a battle. But very soon, there will be a battle, and I assure you that we shall have victory.”

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