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The conflict of the Clone Army against the Separatists was no longer exclusive to the planet Geonosis. While the Republic reclaimed various Separatist worlds…

…other worlds agreed to join Count Dooku, making the list of Separatist planets no shorter.

One hundred and ninety-two Jedi had been killed at Geonosis. It was the first time the Jedi Order had taken arms since the Battle of Ruusan a thousand years ago.

The Clone Army was constantly being shipped to far-away planets across the galaxy, even to the deserts of Tatooine.

Meanwhile, in the Chancellor’s Office on Coruscant…

“The Separatists have huge droid factories on Getato,” said Jedi Master Windu. “We must send our forces there.”

“I agree…but the 212th Attack Battalion lies on one of the moons of Bogden.”

Then Chancellor Palpatine’s mysterious new assistant spoke. “Chancellor, if I may comment, I suggest that we move Peace Keepers Rykrof Enloe, Kyle Krenis, and Tarisian and Raymus Drewton into the Clone Army.”

“Excellent thought, Karan Nayles. Therefore, Master Jedi, it would most likely be the wisest choice to send the Drewtons and Krenis for this assignment. I trust the Jedi Council can purvey us with Jedi Generals.”

“It can,” Mace replied. “But now I must discuss the subject with it.”

“Thank you as always for your time, Master Windu,” the Chancellor said.

“And for yours. Such a rare occasion is an honor.”

When the Jedi Master had left, Palpatine said quietly to Karan Nayles: “You really don’t like him, do you?”

Nayles frowned. “I believe his last statement was a threat to you. I am suddenly wondering what he will say to the Jedi Council.”

“You see clearly through their Jedi ways, Karan. That is good; I need someone like that in my office.”

Then, with Palpatine’s suprisingly easily given permission, Karan left.

Going to his quarters, he activated a hologram transmitor on which appeared an image of Darth Sidious. They hadn’t contacted each other since before the beginning of the Clone Wars at Geonosis, but Karan didn’t ask his opinion of it.

“Report, Nayles. What was said in the Supreme Chancellor’s office?”

Karan Nayles, unlike other beings, had confidence in what he said to the Dark Lord. “They are sending the former Peace Keepers, Krenis and the Drewtons. You have an interest in those three, don’t you?”

“Yes, although the Drewtons may be a danger to our cause.”

“A Jedi will be with them. I’ve read the Drewtons’ profiles, and I saw that they were rescued by a Jedi Knight named Idnum-Ki. He was also sent with them in the Operation: Underlevel 07, and according to an interview with Commander 2582, he was also involved with them, along with Krenis, on Geonosis. I suspect that they will send him again.”

“It is likely - do you think they’ll send more than one Jedi to assist them?”

“I…I hadn’t thought of that before,” Karan said, not knowing how to answer. “Why would they?”

“The importance of the mission. You will soon discover the reason; I want you to find out who this Jedi will be. You may be directing more than planned.”

For the first time, Tarisian Drewton put on the armor of a clone as a clone lieutenant. It would take time adjusting to it.

As Raymus approached, Lieutenant Tarisian asked: “I thought you were going to be a pilot.”

“I’m going to be both a soldier and a pilot. I’ll pilot gunships but be on the ground when I want to. At least I’m not a clone.”

Kyle Krenis and a strangely-armored clone trooper stepped forward. “Tarisian and Raymus - this is Commander 2582, a.k.a. Tornac. He, along with me, will be commanding the droid factory attack on Getato.”

The next day, hundreds of clone troopers assembled in front of Commander Tornac’s gunship before leaving for Getato. On his right stood Idnum-Ki and his apprentice, Dular, who the Drewtons had on Dantooine ten years ago. Commander Kyle Krenis was on his left in the yellow-striped armor of a Commander.

“Getato is a small planet,” Tornac said loudly in the voice of Jango Fett. “Like Coruscant, most of the planet is covered by buildings and water. There will be two Jedi Generals with us: Idnum-Ki and Dular. First our ships will get past the blockade. Once on the planet, our ground troops will blow up the shield generator of the droid factories, and then our ships will blow them up.”

Hours later, approaching the planet Getato…

After getting past the blockade, Commander Krenis’ clone group landed in the shield generator control room.

“What? How did you get in here?” a reptillian Trandoshan yelled. “Droids! Fire!”

“I don’t suppose there’s much use muttering the overly-repeated word ‘surrender’,” Dular commented as he and Idnum-Ki cut down Super Battle Droids.

Jumping out of the gunship, Tarisian Drewton was the first soldier to blast one of the droids.

Instead of using blaster bolts, Kyle Krenis slammed his DC-15 rifle into a Super Battle Droid.


Realizing that all his droids had fallen, the Trandoshan put a hand behind his back…

…grabbing a thermal detonator which he threw towards the group.

Catching it in the air with the Force, Dular sent it back to the alien.

As it detonated, it turned what it hit into bits of debris. Fortunately for the Trandoshan, however, he had managed to jump away in time, and only his legs were burnt.

Quickly recovering, he too a vibroblade and attacked the nearest clone.

The Jedi’s lightsabers could not break through the staff.

Then the Trandoshan was distracted by some of the lights going out, and managing to get up from the force of the explosion, Tarisian shot him in the back.

Falling over, and in a strange form of Galactic Basic, the Trandoshan’s last words were: “These are the Clone Wars…”

Commander Krenis turned to the extremely unactive Duros that had witnessed the entire battle. “Who are you?”

“There is no need to hurt me, humans!” he exclaimed. “My name is Drebu Labro. I was forced to work for the Separatists or there would be consequences for my homeworld, Duro.”

“Maybe it would be safer to kill you.”

Drebu Labro sounded shocked. “What? But - that wouldn’t be the Jedi way! I see two Jedi with you!”

“No, of course we’re not going to hurt you,” Dular said, sounding also surprised and glaring at Krenis. “But we’ll have to bring you with us back to Coruscant for questioning.”

“Yes, of course. Thank you, human. I simply carry a small pistol with me, nothing else.”

“We need to slice into the computer to shut down the shield generator,” said Tarisian. “Do you know the codes?”

“Unfortunately the Separatists wouldn’t trust me enough with that secret, but I suppose they were wise.”

“That’s fine, we have an astromech droid with us anyway,” Tarisian replied as R5-D4 rolled towards the computer.

When the droid had finished shutting down the shield generator to the base, Krenis contacted Commander Tornac to say that they could now enter.

Outside over the water of Getato, they watched the building which they were just recently in explode under bombs falling from large Republic cruisers.

The mission was successful.

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