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“Greetings, my friends,” said Count Dooku to a group of Separatists and associates. One of the notable beings there was Prince Xizor of the Black Sun, along with Bodotor Thuvat and Dem Nozah of the Nockudumey. “We recently managed to conquer Bespin and Ossus. The Mon Calamari Commander Merai has planned an assault on Kamino, the homeworld and source of the Republic Clone Army. Striking their will greatly lower the future number of clones.”

Meanwhile, as Tarisian and Raymus Drewton had a drink in a cantina on Coruscant, a message from Palpatine came through on the HoloNet.

“Republic Intellegience has learned of the Seperatists’ plans to destroy the cloning facilities on Kamino lead by a Mon Calamari Commander. If they are not stopped, the war could be over in a few weeks. We are sending many Jedi Knights and a number of our soldiers to counter the attack, but it may not be enough.”

“I guess we’re going too,” Raymus muttered.

The Jedi pilots battled bravely above the surface of Kamino, but they could not prohibit the Droid Forces from landing in Tipoca City, home of the cloning facilities.

Barely making it, the Republic Gunship Purveyor crashed into a landing dock of the planet.

Tarisian Drewton, Raymus Drewton, and Kyle Krenis recovered. The other clones did not.

“Welcome to Kamino,” Raymus announced in his yellow pilot gear.

“That landing almost made me nostalgic for Geonosis,” Tarisian growled. They had been used that joke a few times now; the first time on Mithus when Raymus said that he was almost nostalgic for Dantooine.

A mechanical voice could be heard from the other side of the gunship. “Target identified.”

Reaching with his DC-15, Tarisian blasted the B1 model Battle Droid in the head.

But the defense of Kamino was not going well for the Republic. Piles of clone bodies were everywhere.

The CIS forces outnumbered the small number of Republic soldiers.

Taun We, the administrative aide to the Prime Minister, overviewed a hologram of the battle.

“Our energy shields will protect us from energy weapons, but will not repel ground troops - and the majority of the Clones here are not yet ready for battle.”

But then the Kaminoans decided to active a group of ARC Troopers, elite clones trained by Jango Fett.

The tide of the battle had turned.

Inside the Kamino Cloning Facilities…


Coming down via grappling hooks, a group of Clone Troopers including Tarisian and Raymus and two new ARC Troopers blasted the droids guarding the facility.


After the droids had been finished, the ARC Trooper made a handsign which meant ’Move on’.

Further into the building, in the apartments section, they saw a single being battling several battle droids.

Under his white Mandalorian-style armor, he looked human, but he could simply be just a Rodian or Bothan; it was impossible to tell.

Then he used a flamethrower against a B2 Super Battle Droid.

“Made by Czerka Corporation,” Tarisian recognized. “He’s most likely a bounty hunter.”

Noticing the newly-arrived group of clones, two Battle Droids looked at each other.

“Republic forces! That’s trouble-”

It never finished its sentence.

Destroying another super battle droid, Tarisian Drewton wondered how many he had blasted since the start of the war.

At the ARC Commander’s handsign, the Clone Captain equipped himself with an extremely large rifle and aimed it at the remaining Destroyer Droid.

The white-armored being stepped away as it burst into an explosion.

“What’s your number, trooper?” one of the clones asked.

“I’m not a number, clone,” said the being through the vocabulator of his helmet. From his voice, it was clear that he was not a clone, unless if it was altered. “Or part of the army at all, really. But I fought on Geonosis and am continuing to fight with the Republic. However, when I travelled to Kamino I had no knowledge of the battle. I was coming for information of the bounty hunter, Jango Fett, because he’d lived here for years. As you see, I’ve had to fight my way in - but I doubt the Kaminoans would’ve let me in anyway. And then I’d have to fight the entire security of the planet. I’m standing in front of Fett’s apartment right now.”

“As we can see,” the ARC Commander said. “Then what is your name?”

“Daklif Ordo, one of the few Mandalorians that are left. I help the Republic only because a great threat is coming who wants to wipe out every Mandalorian. The entire Clone Army is Mandalorian!”

“The Mandalorians were at war with the Republic four thousand years ago.”

“I never said I liked the Republic, either. But I’ll fight with it as long as the Clone Wars last. And the Republic was a worthy oppenent in the Mandalorian Wars, or at least, when Revan came.”

“Then we will allow you to do what you want… …but you’ll have to answer questions later. I’ll send two of our recruits with you.”

When the other clones left, Daklif asked the two brothers: “What did he mean by ‘recruits’?”

They both took off their helmets.

“Well, not really recruits. Recruits aren’t allowed in the Clone Army.” said Tarisian. “We were transferred from the Peace Keeper operation.”

“A good decision. An army that’s entire cloned isn’t necessarily good. Normal beings can have more experience, even though they’re not trained. But I could tell earlier that you were no clones: your pose was different from Jango Fett’s.”

They then entered the apartment room of Jango Fett, which was very dimly lit.

Daklif Ordo soon found a datapad which seemed to be done by Jango.

“What is it?” Raymus asked him.

“Just a diary,” Ordo said simply. But he kept it anyway.

Meanwhile, Commander Kyle Krenis recieved a transmission from Obi-Wan Kenobi.

“Yes, Master Jedi?” said Kyle.

“The battle is over! The Separatists have been defeated. Commander Merai soon realized that his coordinates for the main reactor of the cloning facilities were wrong.”

“But unfortunately, he sacrificied himself so that the Separists army could get away by drawing the Jedi away from the main battle in space.”

After some more info on the battle, the holographic transmission died.

“Even with so many Jedi,” Kyle pondered, “it would not have been a victory without the ARC Troopers.”

After the battle, he would enjoy hearing the interrogation of the Mandalorian, Daklif Ordo.

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