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The Drewton Legacy #16: Clone Campaigns


The Clone Wars had spread across the galaxy like fire. In league with Count Dooku, more and more systems slipped from the Republic.

Even Dantooine was fought over…

…and more agreements were made between the Separatists and the Nockudmey.

In Supreme Chancellor’s office on Coruscant, the droid factories on Muunilist were being discussed…

“But who to send?” Chancellor Palpatine asked, referring to a Jedi. “Master Windu still fights on Dantooine.”

“Lead the assault, Master Obi-Wan can,” Yoda said.

“My army is ready, Chancellor,” said Obi-Wan. “We can leave immediately.”

“Yes, and young Skywalker as well. I suggest that we give him special command of your space forces. His exceptional skill will be quite useful.”

“Chancellor, I do not feel that Padawn Anakin is ready for such responsibility,” Obi-Wan responded.

“True, with his Master a Padawan’s place is,” Yoda said. “But undeniably strong he has become. Perhaps-”

“Then it is decided,” Palpatine said quickly, interrupting the Jedi Master.

Many months ago, a Rattatak Dark Jedi named Asajj Ventress had won a fight to decide who would be a commander in the Separatist armies.

“You lack a vital quality found in all Sith,” Dooku had told her after she had claimed to be a Sith. “Sith have no fear. And I sense much fear in you.”

“You are a foolish old man who knows nothing of the dark side!” she had replied angrily.

“Indeed,” Dooku said, and blasted her with Force Lightning when she had foolishly tried to attack him.

When she had become conscious again, Darth Sidious had made her commander of the Droid Armies.

Meanwhile, on Muunilist…

The Republic Forces arrived. Buildings fell to the firepower of Acclamator ships and gunships…

…with General Kenobi participating in the battle.

Above the atmosphere, onboard an Acclamator in the battle in space…

“Commander Skywalker was doing an excellent job, before he left us!” Admiral Jaric Mothell said angrily. Anakin Skywalker had left the entire battle simply to dogfight one ship.

“Are all three squadrons still active?” Captain Ayronn Carter asked a clone trooper.

“Rogue Squadron has been eliminated, Captain,” the clone replied.

“And droids don’t make mistakes like humans, so if our ships can do nothing to stop them, we’re defeated,” Admiral Mothell said.

Tarisian Drewton stepped forward. “Err, sir? They can be programmed to make ‘mistakes’.”

“What do you mean?” Mothell asked him, interesting.

“The droids fighters are remotely controlled. The command signal uses a rolling encryption. With so many fighters requiring signals, the rotation has to be a limited one. There are only three separate encryption patterns for each squadron. We only need to record the version the droid fighters will be expecting next, then broadcast it to them with enough power to override whatever their masters in the battleships were trying to send.”

“That’s an excellent idea!” Captain Karter said, sounding as if he were surprised that it had even been thought of.

“It is!” the admiral agreed, sounding equally surprised. He then turned to another crew member and said: “Officer, you’ve programmed droids before. Broadcast a signal as he said.”

After the signal was broadcasting, the droid fighters then starting flying away from the battle, as planned.

“Very good, pilot,” the admiral said to Tarisian. “You are to be commended for this…Captain Drewton.”

Tarisian paused silently, extremely suprised; he thought that he would never rise in rank before. He managed to say after a few seconds, “Thank you, Admiral.”

Meanwhile, Commander Skywalker had followed the Separatist vessel to the moon of Yavin, Yavin 4.

But when both ships landed, the pilot of the Separatist fighter turned out to be Asajj Ventress, the Dark Jedi recruited by Count Dooku, and they dueled on the surface of the moon.

Ventress had disarmed Anakin, but instead of being defenseless, the young Jedi took one of the Dark Jedi’s lightsabers, and the tide turned. Skywalker was using his anger to defeat Asajj.

Though he had not killed her, he had knocked her off a high cliff, wounding her. He was victorious.

But the Republic was not so victorious on Hypori. A droid general named Grievous had wiped out almost all of the clone troopers, with only the Jedi remaining.

By the end of the battle, Ki-Adi-Mundi was the only one still fighting, and barely.

Grievous would have won against him also, had ARC Troopers not arrived to save the Jedi Master.

But still, many Jedi had been killed. The battle was the introduction of General Grievous…

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