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“I killed your father,” a murderer named Mecupa was saying.

Not in the Nockudumey base; on the Legacy.

And he shot Tarisian Drewton’s father.

It is a quiet moment, a quick moment, but one that Tarisian always remembers. And he stands before the murderer.

“No!” Tarisian cries, but it is too late. Ten years too late.

In a desparate action, one without thought or need, he acquires a knife given to him for a meal…

…and stabbed it into Mecupa.

It was unwise to upset a Wookiee - even a half Wookiee. Tarisian was thrown halfway across the room…

…and thrown into a torture device, sending blinding sparks of electricity through his head.

“How many more must die?” Mecupa, the murderer, asked coldly.

Mecupa was distracted in that second, giving Tarisian the opportunity to break free of the torture device and slam Mecupa’s face onto the main electricity emitter.

Tarisian Drewton raised a knife. “Just one.”

Mecupa broke free, however, with electric sparks covering his face.

Unexpectedly, the Mandalorian who had helped Tarisian Drewton several times, and the Republic, appeared, holding a blaster.

Mecupa was furious; Tarisian was merely in amazement.

“Daklif Ordo?” he said.

“The prisoner attacked me!” Mecupa growled. “This is not the time to-”

“I came to tell you that Bodotor Thuvat is making a speech soon,” Ordo said. “He expects you to be there.”

“I will be. I will be indeed.”

A few hours later…

“I have good news,” Bodotor Thuvat said. “Yesterday, we captured two Republic soldiers, both great contributers to the war.”

“We can hold them for ransom, and if the Republic does not comply, they will lose valuable soldiers.”

And then Mecupa decided to betray him.

“Bodotor Thuvat is no terrorist at all! He is using us for plans thousands of years old, and changing the Nockudumey into something his predecessors fought against!”

Bodotor merely could stare at him, speechless.

“There is no proof!” one terrorist yelled, which was exactly the wrong thing to say.

Mecupa turned to a CZ business droid. “Reveal the message.”

Bodotor’s voice, as well as another’s who was unknown to the majority, emitted from a built-in audio player in CZ-15 following a burst of static. “I am a Terrorist Leader. A leader, perhaps, is true, but ‘terrorist’ is merely a title.”

“Well, then you’re good at being a terrorist leader unconsciously. Then why would you even bother threatening to assassinate Palpatine?”

“It was a way to announce ourselves publicly to the galaxy.”

“Why call yourselves terrorists at all?”

“Because when the Nockudumey was founded, the term was not to be taken literally. Even the Republic knew that at the time. But true terrorists succeeded our founders, making it truly a terrorist organization.”

“Are the other terrorists - if what you say is true - also ‘neutral’?”

“No. I’ve had them under the illusion that this is still a terrorist organization. Otherwise, they’d overthrow me.”

“Stupid droid!” Bodotor yelled, and fired at it with his blaster pistol.

Then he realized that everyone was staring at him.

“The droid obviously malfunctioned. Do I look like a pacifist?”

Meanwhile, in Tarisian’s quarters…

But was once again surprised to see Daklif Ordo, but was more focused on his brother. “Raymus, did he tell you?”

“Yes, he did…but even if it is true, it doesn’t change anything. Dad didn’t die again.”

What? Of course he didn’t die again, but it does change everything. Mecupa needs to die!”

Before Raymus could reply, Daklif spoke. “Talk about revenge later. We need to assist Bodotor.”

When Ordo and the Drewtons arrived, the hall had turned into a firestorm.

“Was Mecupa saying the truth?” a Neimoidian guard asked Bodotor Thuvat.

“Err…no,” Bodotor answered.

Seeing Dem Nozah, Mecupa approached him…

…but was stopped when Daklif Ordo pointed a blaster pistol at him.

Unexpectedly, Republic gunships entered through an opening in the large dome covering the hall.

Dular, a Jedi Knight, exited one, followed by clone troopers.

Those who were not completely baffled fired upon them.

Meanwhile, Bodotor Thuvat and Mecupa continued their duel.

“Retreat!” Mecupa yelled while parrying an attack by Bodotor.

My organization,” Bodotor said, pushing him off the ledge.

“Retreat!” Mecupa repeated, recovering quickly. “Republic forces have arrived!”

Dular and the clone troopers that had entered the building merely gazed at the dead bodies and retreating terrorists.

“Should we follow them, Commander?” a clone sergeant asked.

“No,” Dular answered. “But their leader…bring him.”

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