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On Nar Shaddaa, the secret Nockudumey base…

“Bodotor Thuvat betrayed us,” Mecupa, recently ellected as leader, said to what remained of the Nockudumey council. “He was never one of us. He tried to turn us away from our true goal…terror. I certainly didn’t expect myself to be in this position a year ago, and I thank you all for electing me. I seek to bring about a change in the Nockudumey…a change for a purpose.”

Dem Nozah had been Thuvat’s only true ally in the group, and he loathed seeing Mecupa as leader, but he clapped along as to not show his true intentions.


Raymus and Tarisian Drewton were safely brought back to Coruscant by Dular. They were greeted by the recruited Clone Commander Kyle Krenis.

“Tarisian, my friend,” Kyle smiled. “It’s good to see that you’re back safely. We worried that the Nockudumey had killed you.”

“Almost,” Tarisian said, smiling back.

“I believe Jedi Commander Dular has a prisoner for you,” Raymus said.

Tarisian winced. He’d hoped for his freedom, but his brother hadn’t believed his story.

“A prisoner? Who?”

“The leader of the Nockudumey Terrorists.”

The Jedi Temple…

It had been over ten years sinec the Council of Seers’ first gathering. Now, with more training, they were confident that they would be able to see the future more clearly.

“Clouded, the future has been, by the dark side of the Force,” the Grand Master Yoda said. “The greatest seers of the Order, you all are. With our combined efforts, perhaps, perceive the coming events we can.”

The Jedi began meditating, and received visions from the Force. Some were of their own deaths, and others were of the fate of the galaxy.

“I saw a Sith kneeling before his Master…the Dark Lord,” Mace Windu said when the visions had finished.

“I saw my death in the Force!” a Chagrian growled angrily. “I was killed by a Sith Lord!”

“Not necessarily true, the visions are, but a warning, Master Chandrilla,” Yoda said. “You must learn to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

“I saw my death in the Force! I was stabbed with a lightsaber!” the Chagrian Jedi continued. “How can that be ignored?”

Interrupting, Master Jarek declared his own vision.

“I saw a Sith…his skin was white, and he was standing onboard a ship.”

When asked what he had seen in his vision, Idnum-Ki simply answered, “A man, nothing more.”

“It certainly must have been more than that!” Chandrilla said, almost yelling.

Pharl McQuarrie defended the other Jedi Master. “Master Ki cannot help what he saw in his vision - and even if he saw more, it is his alone to know.”

“Nonsense! We are the Jedi. If one has a vision of the future, this Council of Seers must know.”

“Very well then,” Idnum said calmly, a contrast to Chandrilla’s ranting. “I will tell you if you wish to know. I saw my apprentice, Dular, holding my skull.”

The seers seemed to be rendered speechless by Idum-Ki’s reply. After an awkward silence, Master McQuarrie explained what he had seen.

“I saw two Sith…both were hooded and cloaked. One had a mask.”

“These visions,” Yoda said. “Connected, they seem to be. All having to do with the Sith…”

“What we have seen is their return,” said Jarek.

“Indeed. Only a vision it is, of course, and only should be taken as such. Other Jedi from long ago once tried to prevent their visions…and made them a reality, they did.”

“We can’t simply do nothing!” Chandrilla insisted. “If we do, worse could happen.”

“Aware of that I am, Master Chandrilla. But neither has this led us anywhere, either - we have known for months now of ‘Darth Sidious’. No clues, has it provided us. No tracks to follw. For now, accept what is to come, we must. And hope that it is not as we have forseen.”

Later that night…

…Idnum-Ki joined Chancellor Palpatine at the Galaxies Opera House.

“Ah, thank you for coming, Master Ki,” the Chancellor said in greeting.

“I was honored to be invited, Chancellor.”

“What do you think of the play?” Palpatine asked as if he were pouring Coruscanti tea for the Jedi Master.

“Very good so far. Chancellor Leer has always been a favourite.”

“Indeed. Written by Addison Starspear himself. Oh, and I heard about your…meeting with the Council.”

“Yes,” Idnum-Ki said. He hesitated. “They’re not happy.”

“Mmm…may I suggest doing something so grand that they couldn’t possibly have you leave?”

“The Jedi aren’t like that. They’d banish the saviour of the galaxy…”

“A fact proven by many events in the past - the Exile, for example. Then for now, you must pretend to be their humble servant. Obey them, make them think they have command over you, and they will not fear your power.”

Idnum continued to pretend to be watching the play. “I think that they could be beginning to see through that tactic, but it will work for now.”

“Mmm…to change the subject completely, Count Dooku…informed me of your encounter.”

Idnum smiled. “It was very interesting.”

“He said you temporarily took the Force away from him. I must admit, I am impressed.”

“Anyways, I must return to the Jedi Temple,” Idnum-Ki said, their conversation once against turning into a pleasant one. “It’s always an honor, Chancellor.”

“And an honor to see you, Master Ki. It’s good to see someone with…similar beliefs.”

Meanwhile, former Nockudumey leader Bodotor Thuvat was interrogated by Kyle Krenis.

“Evening, Commander.”

“Dispense with the pleasantries, terrorist. And no games. You’ll never be released from here for all your crimes.”

“Oh, I will,” Bodotor smiled. “You’ll see. I’ll show you.”

However, as he attempted to step towards Krenis, he was electrocuted by a shock wave.

Kyle smiled at Bodotor, who was now half-dazed. “That’s better. I’ll come back later after that electricity’s gone through your head.”

“This is…no different from the torture my organization gives,” Thuvat said weakly.

“The difference is that we do it for the sake of justice. You deserve this.”

Hours after Kyle had left, a Jedi Knight entered the interrogation room.

With the shocking energy now partially gone from his head, Bodotor was able to stand.

“You’re…you’re the Jedi from the battle. Dull Lar, was it?”

“Dular,” the Jedi corrected.

“Come to torture me, have you?”

“No. I’m freeing you.”

Bodotor paused before replying, as if thinking he’d heard something else. “This has to be a joke!” he laughed. “A trick. You’re the one who brought me here in the first place.”

“I know - and that’s why I feel it’s my responsibility to get you out of it. Tarisian Drewton told me of your…allegiance.”

“He did, did he? I suppose I don’t have any choice then.”

“Exactly. If you stay here, Krenis will kill you.”

They fled the room, but outside, they were confronted by a Republic officer and a group of clone troopers.

“The Jedi’s attempting to help the prisoner escape. Shoot him!”

To be continued…

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