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DOOKU: “Thank you for coming on such short notice, my friends.”

DOOKU: “I heard about the Kaleesh siege on Dantooine, Master Ki.”

IDNUM-KI: “Indeed? And, I am sorry about Qui-Gon.”

DOOKU: “Thank you for your sympathy. I never thought he would die at the hands of a Sith Lord…and the fact that he did is why I have called you here today.”

SIFO-DYAS: “I hope it is not revenge that is leading your way, Dooku.”

DOOKU: “It is not. It is not the fact that my Padawan died that my ideals have changed, or rather, been reinforced. I should not have put it in such a way. It is that the fact that the Jedi Council has not foreseen recent events, and the growing corruption in the Senate.”

SIFO-DYAS: “You’ve been talking a lot about the corruption in the Senate lately. You’ve spoken to the Council. You’ve made public speeches.”

SIFO-DYAS: “You’ve focused on Valorum being the worst Chancellor in history, but what of Palpatine? Some are saying he’s the ‘brightest star’ the Senate has seen in decades.”

DOOKU: “Palpatine has two faces. On one side, his public side, yes, he is. But it is my belief that, in reality, his…praised actions are only for his own ends. The dark side surrounds him. The dark side that is corrupting the Senate. The dark side that clouds the Jedi’s vision.”

DOOKU: “If one is not willing to delve into the dark side, how can one not stop the darkness that is to come? I have envisioned the Jedi will fall because they fail to see such contrast. And my Padawan died because of it.”

SIFO-DYAS: “Now you’re talking like a Sith. I have had my own vision. War is coming. The Republic, and the Jedi, will face dark times. Because of those who are willing to delve into the dark side - the Sith.”

IDNUM-KI: “And yet, the Jedi and the Senate’s corruption has allowed these Sith to enter the Republic.”

DOOKU: “Exactly, my friend. The Jedi Order’s problem is Yoda. No being can wield that kind of power for centuries without becoming complacent at best or corrupt at worst. He has no idea that it’s overtaken him.”

DOOKU: “He longer sees all the little cumulative evils that the Republic tolerates and fosters, from slavery to endless wars, and he never asks, ‘Why are we not acting to stop this’? Live alongside corruption for too long, and you no longer notice the stench.”

SIFO-DYAS: “If you hate the Republic so much, why don’t you separate?”

DOOKU: “That I have considered, I admit.”

IDNUM-KI: “As have I. I have seen how the Republic will so willingly strike out against all that opposes it. It no longer cares about the worlds it is affiliated with, it cares only for power. If a Sith Lord walked up to me and told me he could stop the corruption in the Senate…”

IDNUM-KI: “I would accept the offer.”

DOOKU: “We would be considered an alliance of rebels.”

SIFO-DYAS: “The Republic is corrupt, yes, but it is not such a lost cause. I think we can be sure that the Dark Lords of the Sith have been orchestrating the corruption since Darth Bane.”

SIFO-DYAS: “And if we can be sure of that, then we know what we must do…what the Jedi Council will not do.”

DOOKU: “Yes. Eliminate the threat.”

IDNUM-KI: “If the corruption has already taken place, what good will killing the Sith do now? A Sith who no one knows about? Frankly, I think the galaxy’s forgotten about the Sith. To them, Jedi and Sith are no different.”

SIFO-DYAS: “That’s not a very Jedi point of view.”

IDNUM-KI: “It’s not exactly a very Jedi galaxy, is it?”

DOOKU: “I believe it is settled, then. With our combined efforts, perhaps we can achieve something. Master Dyas, you may use your precognition abilities to sense the Dark Lord’s location in the Force. Master Ki, you were just appointed to the Council of Seers, were you not? The group which foresees the future. I will leave your methods up to you. Together, we will do what is best for the galaxy.”

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