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A world enveloped in a single city, Coruscant is the home of galactic government and the effective center of the known universe. Although the Republic has prospered for ages, the forces of darkness have begun to gather strength.

Emerging from the shadows, a mysterious terrorist organization known as the Badoo Corba has become a clear threat to the Republic. However, a far more sinister force remains hidden, patiently awaiting the opportunity to gain control of the galaxy.

In the bowels of Coruscant, Republic Peace Officer Rykrof Enloe enjoys an after hours drink with fellow officer, Tylin Gere, to discuss the grave situation with the Badoo Corba.

“Without the Jedi Council’s involvement, we seem to have our hands tied behind our backs. And I don’t like how we’ve lost communication with Abridon, that’s too close to Naboo,” Rykrof says to his friend. “Something big is happening.”

“I know,” Tylin replies as a blue skinned Dug walks past the two. “But the thing that really bothers me is how little we actually know about this Badoo Corba group. All we have to go on is rumors of their involvement with the Trade Federation and the Techno Union.”

“And both of those organizations have been known to hire bounty hunters to do their dirty work,” Rykrof says. “Maybe the rumors that the Badoo Corba are behind the attacks is just a distraction to keep us from finding the real killers?”

“Seems like everyone hires bounty hunters these days,” Tylin says, as he eyes a group of shady patrons.

Suddenly a laser blast from and unknown source tears through the chest of a senator in the corner of the bar.

Rykrof is first to draw his blaster as both officers begin to search the crowd, who erupt in a mad frenzy. They are unable to locate the shooter and quickly tend to the fallen victim.

“Oh no,” Rykrof says. “It’s Senator Tash… he’s dead.”

“Tash was pushing legislation to approve the Jedi Council’s involvement in the Badoo Corba investigation,” Tylin says softly.

“We need to inform Chancellor Valorum,” Tylin says.

Hoping to learn the source of the attacks and the identity of Senator Tash’s assassin, Chancellor Valorum informs Rykrof that his team is to be sent to the Abridon System to investigate the situation there. They are also to locate Ambassador Tame Heem, who recently left Coruscant to meet with the leaders of Abridon, as the ambassador has not returned and all communications with the planet have been lost.

Two days later, Rykrof’s small team approaches Abridon.

The group takes a drop ship to the surface and lands in a swamp on the outskirts of Abridon’s capital city of Mull. Before departing, Rykrof informs his pilots to guard the ship and to be ready to pick them up if needed.

As they enter the outskirts of the city, the group finds the massive destruction they had feared would await them. It occurs to Rykrof that the scale of the attack is too massive for terrorists. Only a well equipped, organized army could be capable of such an immense attack.

They soon discover the rotting remains of a humanoid. The crew then agrees that the sooner they find Ambassador Tame Heem and leave the system, the better.

Suddenly a raging creature emerges and races toward the group. The officers form a defensive perimeter and retreat into a nearby warehouse, lucky to escape unharmed.

The group is surprised to find a civilian hiding in the warehouse. He introduces himself as Ran Ceyh, and informs Rykrof that several weeks earlier an army of droids took over the city.

Ceyh had heard rumors that the planetary government had plans to severe its ties with the Trade Federation, and that the Federation Viceroy did not want the Republic to learn of the planet’s political intentions.

After hearing the civilian’s story, Rykrof decides to allow Ran Ceyh to return with the team to Coruscant. The group agrees that his testimony could be vital in the Republic’s investigation of the events taking place.

Meanwhile, Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray updates his master, Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith on the current situation on Abridon.

“I don’t want the ambassador bringing any evidence before the Senate of your involvement in the attack,” Sidious warns. “It is imperative that the Senate is not prepared for our next move. I will see to it that the Badoo Corba are held responsible for what has transpired on Abridon.”

“And the investigation team? What are we to do about them?” Gunray asks.

“Find them and kill them before they have a chance to locate Ambassador Heem. Report to me once you have accomplished this task,” Sidious replies.

Meanwhile, the ambassador is escorted by a group of Battle Droids to a waiting transport.

Suddenly the group is assaulted by a barrage of laser blasts.

The startled Ithorian watches as each droid is destroyed in a matter of seconds.

“Ambassador Heme, I am Peace Officer Rykrof Enloe. We were sent here by Supreme Chancellor Valorum to rescue you.”

“Thank you, thank you,” Tame Heem says. “It’s a miracle that you found me! I have information that I must get to the Senate!”

The ambassador tells the group that he has learned that the Trade Federation has plans to form a blockade around the planet Naboo due to a tax dispute. He says the government of Abridon had decided to bring this information to the Galactic Senate before their planet was invaded.

After hearing this information, Rykrof immediately relays their position to the pilots to get the team off the surface before more Battle Droids arrive.

As the drop ship relays with the command cruiser, Rykrof contemplates the scope of the events he has witnessed and finds he has more questions after his mission than before…

“What are the goals of the Trade Federation?”

“What is the Badoo Corba’s role in all of this?”

“Would the Senate act on a blockade of Naboo in time when they took weeks to send a team to Abridon?”

Two days later, Rykrof meets with key members of the Senate but is denied access to meet with Chancellor Valorum. Rykrof is outraged to learn that the Senate must complete a further investigation before it will act on charges facing the Trade Federation.

“Then I’m leaving,” Rykrof says. “I request a leave of absence to return to Naboo. And Mas Amedda, I suggest in the future, you expedite bringing important matters before the Chancellor.”

“The testimony of Ambassador Heem and of the Abridon citizen will be heard by the Chancellor as his time permits,” the Chagrian replies snidely. “In light of your service record, I will see to it you are granted your leave.”

“However, at this time we have little reason to believe the Federation would dare blockade your home planet. This blockade rumor must not be made public or there will be a mass panic,” he insists.

That evening, Rykrof informs his friends that he will be returning to Naboo for the time being and attempt to warn Queen Amidala of the chance of an impending blockade.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Tame Heem says.

“Hell, I have a bad feeling every time Rykrof tries taking matters into his own hands,” Tylin laughs.

“Nice,” Rykrof says. “I’ll be back in no time; I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. You just keep working on the Badoo Corba investigation.”

Meanwhile, Wat Tambor of the Techno Union informs Viceroy Nute Gunray that he will not support the recent bold moves of the Trade Federation.

“Your timing is terrible,” he argues. “In years to come, support for our cause will grow. We feel your proposed blockade is too early and will do nothing but bring you trouble with the Republic.”

Nute Gunray knows his master will not be pleased and swallows hard before contacting him.

“First you allow the ambassador to escape and now you lose the support of one of our potential allies,” Sidious hisses at the Nemoidian viceroy.

“But now is the appropriate time for the blockade,” he snaps before Gunray can reply. “I will keep the Senate bogged in procedure and see to it that terrorists are blamed for the attacks. Now, proceed as planned with the blockade of Naboo and be prepared to land your troops.”


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