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Following the events on Naboo, newly elected Supreme Chancellor Palpatine returns to the Republic capital after a recent trip to Corellia.

Upon his arrival, he is greeted by Jedi Master Mace Windu.

“Master Windu,” the Chancellor says, “how good to see you.”

“Chancellor Palpatine, welcome back to Coruscant,” Mace Windu says as he approaches the new leader of the Republic. “Your presence will be needed in the Senate as the Trade Federation’s opening defense statement is scheduled to be reviewed this week.”

“Thank you, Master Windu. I am well aware of the proceedings,” Palpatine says.

“It has also been brought to my attention that one of your elder Jedi has caused quite a panic in your Order,” Palpatine says as the two begin to walk together.

“Yes, it is unfortunate that Count Dooku has chosen to leave the Jedi Order,” Mace Windu replies.

“Indeed, it is a sad day for the Republic,” Palpatine says with a frown. “But for now it is important that I speak with you about aiding our Peace Officers in their investigation of the recent Badoo Corba terrorist attacks. I have reliable information that Trigg Fuuda himself is here on Coruscant.”

The following morning, Peace Officer Rykrof Enloe meets with his good friend, Tylin Gere, to discuss the recent attacks by terrorist groups on Coruscant.

“Seems like since the whole blockade thing on Naboo started, the Senate’s forgotten about these terrorists,” Tylin says.

“I agree,” Rykrof replies. “But Palpatine claims to have new information on a Badoo Corba hideout in the Pojer District. We’re being sent to investigate.”

“That’s a bad area,” Tylin warns.

“True, but we have a Rodian informant who owes us for saving him from the Hutts,” Rykrof says. “Plus we’ll have a Jedi escort, who says he’ll have no problem accessing this supposed Badoo Corba warehouse.”

Early the next morning, Rykrof’s group cautiously enters the Pojer District in the Coruscant underground.

Following their escort, Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi, the group keeps a watchful eye on the various inhabitants of the underground.

As the group proceeds, Rykrof tries to get a read on the mysterious Jedi Master, who appears to know his way around the area well.

The Jedi has no trouble locating the Rodian informant, and easily persuades him to reveal the encrypted access codes they will need to enter the Badoo Corba hideout undetected and find the leader of the Badoo Corba, Trigg Fuuda.

The lone guard watching the rear entrance to the warehouse is no match for a Jedi spell.

“We better hide the body,” Rykrof says.

“Yeah, and let’s just hope we get our of this place as easily as we get in,” Kollen Mane replies.

Once inside, the Jedi suggests they split into two groups.

“Dividing our force is a tactical error,” Rykrof argues.

“It’s alright Sir,” Kollen interjects. “We can cover more ground quicker this way and get out of here. I’ll go with Master Shundi and the three of you can stick together.”

Reluctantly, Rykrof agrees and the group separates.

Soon, Rykrof’s group stumbles upon a storage room holding several containment units.

“Bingo,” Tylin jokes. “An endless supply of Correlian brandy!”

“Don’t I wish it,” Rykrof says grimly. “But this is diyoxis; enough to kill an entire planet.”

The group quickly documents their findings and takes a sample to present to Chancellor Palpatine.

Meanwhile, Kala Mly Shundi and Kollen Mane have run into a Badoo Corba security patrol.

Outnumbered and outgunned, the two take off in a hasty retreat.

The Jedi is not surprised to see Battle Droids used by the terrorists; as many organizations have been rumored to be increasing their stock in war machines from the factories of the distant planet Geonosis.

In the central command room, Trigg Fuuda meets with two most important guests, former Jedi Master Count Dooku and the new leader of a criminal organization known as Black Sun, Prince Xizor.

“It is my utmost pleasure that you have met with me here to discuss the future of my movement,” Trigg says.

“We meet today in honor of a greater cause than yours or mine, Trigg,” Count Dooku says with a smile. “With your support we will rally thousands of systems the Republic has oppressed for decades.”

“And Black Sun pledges our support,” Prince Xizor continues. “I have assured the good Count that you will do the same.”

Suddenly, Kollen Mane interrupts the meeting and opens fire on the group!

Hearing distance laser blasts, the other officers quickly move forward to investigate!

Meanwhile, the Badoo Corba quickly scramble to evacuate the warehouse under orders from Count Dooku.

“Damnit!” Trigg Fuuda yells. “There can’t be many of them, I have enough droids to eliminate any intruders!”

“Trigg, I am sorry,” Dooku says. “But you know as well as I that the Republic will now send in a full scale security force to this complex. We must leave now.”

As the Badoo Corba prepare to evacuate, Dooku smiles to himself, knowing that his master will be pleased; as he has succeeded in forming the foundation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and can now move forward with a secret cloning project on Kamino that will bring the Republic to its knees.

Back in the central command room, Rykrof and his group find Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi standing over the corpse of their comrade, Kollen Mane.

To Rykrof’s disbelief, it appears that Kollen has been struck down by a lightsaber wound.

“Kollen!” Rykrof yells.

The Jedi shuts down his lightsaber as the group begins to question him.

“That looks like a saber wound,” Tylin says. “What the hell did you do?”

The Jedi explains to the group that when he entered the room, Kollen was already dead.

“Do not pass judgment on me,” the Jedi warns. “I grieve for the loss of your friend. Help me gather his body so we can leave this place before anyone else gets hurt.”

“Liar!” Tylin yells as he raises his blaster.

In a blur of motion, the Jedi spins and renders Tylin Gere unconscious!

Before Rykrof realizes what has happened, he finds himself losing balance as the air around him violently pushes him and Ora Telle to the ground.

Early the next morning, a calm skyline dawns over the Senatorial District.

As Rykrof awakens with a terrible headache, he is dumbfounded to find himself being watched by a small frog-like creature.

“A headache you have, hmmm?” the creature says.

“Uh, yeah… I do,” Rykrof says. “And who might you be?”

“Senior member of the Jedi Council, I am,” it says. “Saved you and your officers from the terrorists, Master Shundi did.”

“I… don’t even know what really happened,” Rykrof admits.

“Turned your back on the Jedi, you almost did,” the Jedi says sadly as he leaves the room.


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