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In the far reaches of the Outer Rim, a lone Republic transport ship enters the remote Munist System, which looms large as the Republic struggles to maintain control of its outlying systems.

On board the transport, Peace Officer Rykrof Enloe expresses his aggravation to Tylin Gere over the recent events with the Badoo Corba terrorist organization’s continued attacks, as well as the recent release of Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray.

“Somehow these organizations are linked,” Rykrof says. “I know it.”

“Agreed,” Tylin replies. “And I think the Senate is underestimating this Count Dooku’s influence with all the commerce organizations.”

“I don’t know that Dooku would be associated with the terrorists though,” Rykrof says.

“Maybe not, but he was once a Jedi. After what happened with Shundi and Kollen’s death, I don’t trust a single one of them,” Tylin says softly.

After a brief pause, Tylin continues, “There’s no way in hell the Senate should have dropped the charges against that Jedi.”

“Over half the Senate agrees with you on that,” Rykrof admits as he turns to a deck officer. “But we should be thanking Master Shundi instead of blaming him for what happened in the Pojer District.”

“Sir, your ship is ready,” the crewman says. “And Ambassador Tame Heem has agreed to stay on board and allow for Finis Valorum to be the one to talk to Belpointes.”

“Good to hear,” Rykrof says with a smile. “Finis has always had a strong relationship with Belpointes. This could work out well.”

Meanwhile, Count Dooku meets with Trigg Fuuda and bounty hunter Jango Fett to finalize plans set in motion by his master, Darth Sidious.

“The time to strike is now,” Dooku orders the two. “This mission is crucial to our cause. Belpointes must be killed at all costs.”

“Understood,” the Mandalorian bounty hunter replies. “He will not live past this day.”

“Good,” Dooku says darkly. “Everything is set in place, and the Whipid enforcers will have adequate support. There can be no mistakes.”

Back on Munist, Rykrof Enloe’s team has landed on the surface of the planet.

There they are promptly greeted by Erleath Belpointes, the beleaguered head of state for Munist.

“Finis Valorum!” Belpointes declares. “They didn’t tell me you would be here!”

“I was hoping this would be a surprise,” Valorum answers.

“Frankly I was dreading this meeting, but had the Republic told me you would be attending I wouldn’t have pushed this off for so long!” Belpointes exclaims.

“Well it’s very good to see you, old friend,” Valorum says warmly.

“Old? Take a good look at yourself! You’ve got more gray hair than a frozen Taun Taun!” Belpointes jokes.

“Ah, I see you still have your sense of humor,” Valorum laughs.

“My friend, let us discuss the situation between our governments over refreshment,” Belpointes says. “If you were still running the Republic, I doubt these talks would even be necessary.”

Over the next two hours, the two friends reminisce on old times and discuss their situations.

“I was surprised by the lack of security here,” Valorum says once they open the topic to military matters.

“Officer strike,” Belpointes says. “It’s slowed down production in the mining facilities even worse. The economy is suffering too. Our friends on Kashyyyk have lent us several Wookiee guards however to ensure our facilities are safe for the time being.”

Suddenly a massive explosion erupts in the western peak tower…

An emergency siren quickly alerts the facility of an attack.

“Sir, sir!” protocol droid E3-PO says frantically as he enters Erleath’s quarters. “The complex is under siege by a group of Whipid mercenaries! You must get to safety immediately!”

Over the intercom, an officer updates all personnel that a legion of Battle Droids has emerged from a second separate transport.

Rykrof finds Finis Valorum and Erleath Belpointes, and advises that they get to the Republic drop ship and escape to the Republic transport in space before more enemy troops arrive.

“It’s the Badoo Corba,” Rykrof says. “They don’t take prisoners. They will kill you if you stay,” he warns the two.

After agreeing with Rykrof’s assessment, Belpointes asks for his Wookiee allies to fend off the attackers as long as possible, and then escape into the southern canyon, where he will organize a rescue team for any survivors.

Meanwhile, the Whipid attack force tears through the meager Munist defenses.

Only the heroics of the Wookiee guards pose a threat to the attacking Badoo Corba. However, even the mighty Wookiees must fall back in the midst of the vast number of terrorist attackers.

As the main battle engulfs the complex above, Rykrof and Tylin lead Finis Valorum and Erleath Belpointes through an underground passage.

Soon they arrive at the hangar and realize their escape will not be easy…

…as the terrorists have killed the Republic pilots and open fire on Rykrof’s team!

As Rykrof and Tylin return blaster fire on the Whipids, several Wookiees enter the hangar as well.

In a matter of seconds both Whipids fall in battle.

“Everyone on board!” Rykrof yells once securing the ship.

But suddenly a group of Battle Droids, led by Jango Fett enters the hangar and opens fire on the group!

Struck down by the Mandalorian bounty hunter, Erleath Belpointes’ lifeless body crumbles to the ground before Finis Valorum.

Narrowly avoiding blaster fire, Tylin dashes towards the cockpit, just as more Battle Droids enter the hangar.

In the chaos, the mighty Wookiee Boracca attempts to check the status of Erleath Belpointes but is struck by a laser blast!

“The prime minister’s already dead!” Rykrof yells. “It’s too late for him!”

To Rykrof’s horror, more Whipids enter the hangar…

…and the relentless Mandalorian warrior continues to close in on the ship!

With all other survivors on board the ship, Rykrof fires several cover shots before boarding…

…striking a trio of approaching droids!

With several of the droids down, Rykrof then drags the wounded Wookiee, Boracca, onto the ship.

“Tylin get us out of here!” he yells.

The ship then jets skyward to safety!

“They escaped,” Trigg Fuuda snarls as he enters the hangar.

“The objective was to eliminate Erleath Belpointes,” Jango points out. “If you have an issue with my methods, take it up with Count Dooku.”

Soon after, Rykrof’s transport makes a hasty retreat from the Munist system.

Days later, the survivors arrive back on Coruscant.

Rykrof and Ambassador Tame Heem then rush to meet with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

“Rykrof, I need for you to explain to me why you brought Finis Valorum with you on this mission. Ambassador Heem was to be our voice of reason with Munist. Now Erleath Belpointes is dead, along with any hopes of our forging a lasting alliance with the people of Munist,” Supreme Chancellor Palpatine says.

“This was my decision,” Rykrof says. “Finis Valorum had a very strong relationship with Munist and Ambassador Heem did not.”

“This was a reckless decision,” Mas Amedda argues. “For all we know, the Badoo Corba were targeting Valorum, and because of your decision the Prime Minister of Munist was killed in the process of a terrorist attack.”

“Yes, it was the former Chancellor’s policies that led to tax disputes in the Outer Rim; and ultimately led to an increase in terrorist activity,” Palpatine agrees.

“You may be correct,” Rykrof says. “But I suggest we conduct an investigation on the resources of the Badoo Corba. It’s highly unlikely that they are capable of executing such an attack without the aid of another organization. Someone is helping them.”

“Your point is well taken Officer Enloe, as are your reasons for having Finis Valorum assist you in the talks on Munist,” Palpatine says with a smile. “Following a full report with the Peace Officer Judicial Board, you shall have whatever resources you require in your investigation of the Badoo Corba.”

“But in the future you will follow procedure and allow for this Executive Branch to make such decisions. Failure to do so will result in your dismissal.”

Late that evening, Rykrof meets with Finis Valorum and Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi.

“I understand the Wookiee Boracca has sworn a life debt to you for saving him,” Valorum says.

“Yeah,” Rykrof replies. “I’m not sure how I feel about it.”

“You will find that the Wookiees are among the most noble of all sentient beings,” Kala Mly Shundi tells Rykrof. “This is a debt he and his companions will always honor, and one you must respect.”

After a pause the Jedi continues, “Finis Valorum has explained to me what happened on Munist.”

“There’s more to the Badoo Corba than we realize,” Rykrof says. “Finis and I have decided to go back to Abridon to investigate their initial attack there.”

“That was three years ago,” Kala Mly Shundi says. “What do you hope to find?”

“Proof of a connection between the Badoo Corba and the Trade Federation,” Rykrof replies.

Meanwhile, Count Dooku makes contact with his master, Darth Sidious.

“Well done Lord Tyrannus,” the Dark Lord of the Sith says. “With Erleath Belpointes eliminated, there will be no political voice in the Outer Rim to oppose the formation of the treaty.”

“Thank you, my Master,” Dooku replies. “But what of the suspicions of an organization assisting the Badoo Corba?”

“I will see to it that neither the Senate nor the Jedi make any valid connection,” Darth Sidious replies.

“In time the Trade Federation will pledge their unconditional support to you and others will follow,” he continues. “With Belpointes dead, we shall have no further use for the Badoo Corba. Trigg Fuuda must now be eliminated.”


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