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Although the memory of the Trade Federation’s occupation of their planet many years ago will always be on the minds of the population of the peaceful planet Naboo, few in the capital of Theed believe such an aggressive act of war could ever happen again in their lifetime.

However, some have begun to speculate that the galaxy could be edging close to a civil war, as many organizations have seceded from the Republic and joined the Separatist movement, led by former Jedi Count Dooku.

Having recently returned to his home planet, Rykrof Enloe and his young bride, Royal Handmaiden Alyssa, are both all too aware of the dangers that threaten the galaxy.

With his young love pregnant with their first child, Rykrof has become concerned about the security on his home world.

“I’ve spoken with Senator Amidala about your concerns,” Alyssa tells her husband. “But she doesn’t agree with you.”

“The government has been too passive on this issue,” Rykrof says. “Governor Bibble and I have urged her about this upcoming vote in the Senate. But she won’t listen. She and Queen Jamilla must both understand that the Republic needs an army to defend itself.”

Rykrof then kisses Alyssa goodbye before conducting his daily routine checks of the planet’s defense systems.

After completing a routine inspection of the planet’s missile defenses, Rykrof is informed of a holo-virus that has infected the online orbital radar.

“It’s probably nothing major, but it will take another 24 hours to clean and reboot the system,” Captain Panaka tells him. “Our other defense mechanisms were able to block the virus; it’s only the radar.”

“We shouldn’t take any chances,” Rykrof says in disagreement. “I want you to put security on yellow alert. The Queen or Senator Amidala may be in danger.”

After warning his wife of the possible danger, Rykrof finds his Wookiee friend, Boracca tinkering with a pile of broken devices.

He explains to his friend about the virus and states his concerns about the inept security on the planet.

“This virus may have been planted to allow for a ship to land relatively undetected anywhere on the planet,” Rykrof says. “We should be cautious.”

The mighty Wookiee agrees, and offers to contact his good friend Ralbarr, a fellow Wookiee who owes his life to Boracca, and could offer extra protection for Queen Jamilla.

“That’s a good idea. See if you can reach them; the quicker they can arrive, the better,” Rykrof says.

Later that evening, in the Shire Lagoon several armed warriors have landed in small ships. The warriors take advantage of the cover of dark and make their way towards the capital of Theed…

After Boracca’s contacts arrive, Rykrof informs them of a Gungan sighting of unauthorized ships landing in the Shire Lagoon.

Both Ralbarr and Choktarr are eager to find the mysterious ships.

“We need for you to stay here and protect the queen,” Rykrof says. “I’ve put all security on red alert and have authorized a public quarantine in the city. I’ll take a team to the landing site and see what we find.”

Ralbarr then tells his longtime friend to be careful on their hunt.

“We better get moving,” Captain Revner says. “If whoever landed in the lagoon is hostile, they won’t be staying there long.”

Led by a Gungan guide, the small group then leaves the safety of the city walls in search of the mysterious invaders.

“Nothing yet,” Captain Revner says. “Maybe the ships aren’t hostiles after all.”

Suddenly Rykrof’s comlink comes to life and a message from Captain Panaka back at the capital comes through.

“I think it’s over Rykrof. A group of Whipids was discovered trying to infiltrate the palace. We were forced to gun them down,” Captain Panaka says.

“That’s a relief,” Rykrof says as he looks up to Boracca. “But we still have to find their ships.”

Suddenly a laser blast rips through the air and smashes through Boracca’s chest!

“No!” Rykrof yells in horror as his team takes defensive positions.

As Rykrof looks in the direction of the attack, he sees two droids, unlike any he has seen before approaching the group. He then realizes that the Whipid attackers Captain Panaka referred to were either a decoy or the first assault.

The Super Battle Droids then make short work on the Gungan guide.

“How is the Wookiee?” Captain asks as he returns heavy fire at the attackers.

“I …I don’t think he’s breathing,” Rykrof says.

“We have to call for help,” he barely manages to say as he realizes his friend is dead.

“It’s too late for help,” a Rodian says who has snuck up behind Rykrof. “Trigg Fuuda will be most pleased to see you on Tatooine.”

Captain Revner then sees the horrifying image of two Mandalorian warriors approach them.

With the two droids standing guard as well, Rykrof and Revner know there is no chance for escape.

“I am disappointed in you,” the Rodian says. “Master Fuuda has spoken so highly of your battle tactics. I truly hoped for more resistance, but you are no match for Zeedo Chissis,” the Rodian laughs.

As Rykrof is watched closely by the Mandalorian warriors, Zeedo speaks to Captain Revner.

“What is your name?” the evil Rodian asks.

“Jagred Revner, in service to the Queen of Naboo,” he replies firmly.

“My master did not mention you as a potential hostage,” Zeedo says as he kills the captain in cold blood.

“Now, what to do with you,” Zeedo asks. “Tell my master you were killed in the battle, or bring you back crippled?”

Suddenly both Super Battle Droids are engulfed in flames!

The group then hears a thundering roar as the powerful Wookiee Ralbarr charges madly towards the intruders!

Realizing he is no match for this Wookiee, Zeedo Chissis retreats in a sprint for his ship.

In a matter of moments, blood flows from one warrior’s throat…

…while the other hangs dismembered from a tree; his lifeless body a gruesome testament to the unparalleled rage of a Wookiee.

Ralbarr then effortlessly picks up the body of his friend and howls a sad cry towards Rykrof.

“I’m so sorry,” Rykrof laments. “I’ll call for help.”

Soon after, Zeedo Chissis narrowly avoids a new search party and makes his way back to his ATL Interceptor.

Although his mission to capture or kill Rykrof Enloe was a failure, he knows his master; Trigg Fuuda will be pleased to learn that the mighty Boracca has fallen in battle.

The next morning, the skies above the capital are abuzz with patrols in the aftermath of the attack.

After debriefing with Captain Panaka, Rykrof bids farewell to his wife, Alyssa.

“Captain Panaka’s team found the remaining ships in the lagoon,” he tells his wife. “Trigg Fuuda is still running the Badoo Corba and I know for a fact he’s on Tatooine … after we return Boracca’s body to Kashyyyk, I have to return to Coruscant and organize a team to find the Badoo Corba’s hidden base.”

“Just be careful Rykrof,” his wife says solemnly.

“The terrorists must really want you dead.”

“What about the Separatist Movement?” Naboo Councilman Tason Push interjects.

“Please contact us after you speak with Chancellor Palpatine.”

“I will do what I can,” Rykrof says.

“But Senator Amidala has more influence than I do, especially with the Military Creation Act in consideration.”

“You know where I stand on this issue,” Senator Amidala says. “Raising an army will only encourage a war.”

“We’re well aware of your concerns, Senator,” Alyssa says with a smile. “And we trust you will do what you feel is in the best interest of our people.”

“Just be careful here and if anything happens, contact me,” Rykrof then tells his wife.

“I’m more worried about you,” she says.

“Don’t worry; Ralbarr insists on following Boracca’s debt. He’s been stubborn about it, plus he’s a lot bigger than me; so what can I say?” he grins.

“I love you,” Alyssa tells him.

“And I love you,” he replies.

“Soon we’ll be able to have our child. We have look toward the future, Alyssa, but we’ll never be safe until the Badoo Corba are destroyed. That is why I must go.”


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