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The Clone Wars have begun. As the galaxy becomes torn apart by the first full scale war since the formation of the Republic, hundreds of thousands of clone troopers board starships destined for countless worlds in the name of freedom.

Although the Republic has recently won a crucial battle to protect its precious clone facilities on Kamino, the victory is short lived as Ambassador Tame Heem has become stranded on the distant planet Spahl VII. Without the Ithorian’s influence, it is feared that many members of the Galactic Senate may side with the Separatist movement.

“We can ill afford for Ambassador Heem to become a prisoner of war,” Supreme Chancellor Palpatine says in a secret meeting on Coruscant.

“I agree,” the Supreme Chancellor’s aid, Mas Amedda says. “Without Ambassador Heem’s influence, we run the risk of Ithor joining the Confederacy.”

“We should act quickly and send a team to rescue him from the Spahl System. Commander Enloe on Naboo has a garrison that is ready.”

“But rumors persist that Count Dooku is there,” Chancellor Palpatine says. “Surely Commander Enloe and his troops are no match for a Sith Lord. He would need a Jedi escort in order to have any chance for success.”

“That could be arranged,” Jedi Master Mace Windu says. “The Jedi will assist in this operation. Masters Riin and Timbuu will go in separately to distract Dooku’s army so Commander Enloe can attempt this rescue.”

The only inhabitable planet in the Spahl System, the war ravaged planet Spahl VII has become a shell of its former glory. While the Separatist strategy had been to secure the planet’s rich ore mines, the Republic has attempted to rescue the political leaders of the battered planet.

In the province Ontaris, dozens of battle droid patrols scour the region in search for rumored Republic infiltrators.

“There is no sign of the Jedi, Sir,” a droid informs Count Dooku, who oversees the planet’s transition to Separatist rule.

“Double your search,” the Dark Lord says. “Two Jedi have arrived with reinforcements. Their primary objective will be to find Ambassador Heem.”

Meanwhile, several squads of clone troopers have landed on the outskirts of Ontaris. Led by former Peace Office Rykrof Enloe, the teams plan to find the Ithorian Ambassador and then regroup with a team of Jedi who have already infiltrated the city.

As Rykrof’s troops disperse, every soldier adheres to the mandatory order in restricting all transmissions to avoid the Separatists tracking the team, as the smallest mistake could lead to failure in the mission.

While a number of clone troopers move forward with Rykrof, several stay back in defensive positions to secure a hasty retreat if necessary.

Far sooner than expected, the troops are spotted by a probe droid.

Within moments several battle droids emerge from the shadows and open fire on the Republic troops.

The clone troopers find themselves heavily outnumbered by the droid army…

…but their rigorous training on Kamino has prepared each soldier in the Grand Army of the Republic for the horrors of war.

But with a numerical advantage, the droids continue to move forward…

…and the clones struggle to maintain their positions.

With most of his troops pinned down, Commander Rykrof Enloe slips away from the battle to make way for the panic zone, where he believes Ambassador Tame Heem will be hiding if he has not been captured. With any luck, the Jedi will already have secured the position and be waiting for him.

Alone, he soon reaches the designated area, only to find the ambassador and Jedi are nowhere to be found. Instead, he finds himself standing face to face with the leader of the Separatist movement, Count Dooku himself.

“What’s this?” Dooku asks. “A non-clone donning the armor of the Republic’s finest troops? Don’t tell me your precious clone facilities have already run dry. Perhaps another strike on Kamino will not be necessary.”

“Perhaps I can end this war right here with your surrender,” Rykrof replies as he raises his blaster.

“Or perhaps I shall end your pitiful existence right here and now,” Dooku replies.

In a flash, a beam of lightning shoots from the Dark Lord’s extended hand…

…and strikes Rykrof in the chest, knocking him to the ground.

As his entire body spasms from the shock of Dooku’s attack, Rykrof struggles to crawl away from the former Jedi.

Suddenly the two Jedi appear.

“Commander Enloe, contact a drop ship to evacuate you and our surviving troops at our designated evacuation point,” Master Ked Rinn says. “We will rendezvous with you there shortly.”

“My Jedi friends,” Count Dooku says. “What brings you here to Spahl VII? Depart the system in peace and no harm will come to you.”

“We are Jedi, we wish no harm to you Count,” Master Rinn says. “But you will come with us in peace to Coruscant to stand trial before the Jedi Council for the deaths on Geonosis.”

Meanwhile, Rykrof stumbles towards the evacuation point under orders from the Jedi.

Back in the panic zone, the Jedi are unable to arrest Count Dooku as a lighsaber duel commences.

After quickly killing Master Timbuu, Count Dooku taunts the lone surviving Jedi.

“Give yourself to the Dark Side,” Count Dooku says to Master Rinn. “Don’t make yourself be destroyed as Master Timbuu did.”

“No Jedi will follow your path of darkness,” Rinn replies defiantly.

“How mistaken you are,” Dooku says as he overpowers the Jedi Master.

Meanwhile, Rykrof’s troops continue to fall back as the droid army advances.

Rykrof soon finds his way to the evacuation point, which has also come under attack.

“Ralbarr, we’re can’t leave yet,” he yells. “The two Jedi are in the panic zone and we have failed to find Ambassador Heem! We need to call for reinforcements immediately!”

“There’s too many of them,” one clone shouts as more droids approach the evacuation zone.

Surrounding the gunship, the droids continue to move in for the kill.

“We can’t hold them,” another trooper shouts as he returns fire on the droids.

As the droids advance, a Federation tank enters the battle.

“Sir, the Separatists are blocking all transmissions and our fuel line has been hit,” a pilot informs Rykrof. “We can’t call for help. We must evacuate now.”

“Agreed,” Rykrof says. “Then we’ll assemble a counterstrike and find the Jedi and Ambassador Heem.”

Once aboard their orbital cruiser, however, several Trade Federation battle cruisers enter the system. Unaware of the fate of the Jedi and unsuccessful in the mission, Rykrof is forced to order a full retreat.

“I’ll report personally to the Chancellor,” Rykrof says aboard the ship as it prepares for the jump to hyperspace. “We are going to have to assume the worst with regards to the Jedi and Ambassador Heem.”

Meanwhile back on the surface of Spahl VII, Count Dooku approaches Ambassador Tame Heem.

“Only two Jedi in the rescue attempt; a true pity,” Dooku says to his new ally with a twisted smile.

“Yes, a somewhat weak force was sent,” Tame Heem says softly as he looks to the ground.

“Welcome to the Confederacy of Independent Systems Ambassador,” Dooku then says. “With your influence more systems will join this noble crusade. And with your continued support, I will see to it that your planet is spared in this conflict.”


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