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Deep within secure Republic territory, Coruscant is the most important planet in the galaxy. As the Clone Wars continue, the public has begun to understand the consequences of the ongoing war. But under the leadership of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, billions of loyalists still believe the Republic will prevail in the Clone Wars.

However, former Peace Officer Rykrof Enloe, who has begun to lose faith in the Republic, is all too aware that there are dangers beyond the threat of the Separatists.

Having recently survived a deadly assault on Rhen Var, Rykrof’s attention has recently focused on an old enemy.

Barely mentioned by the media, Lotar Prison Facility in the Outer Rim has become overrun by a local rebellion loyal to Count Dooku…

…and images have surfaced of several notorious criminals escaping. Among the convicts to evade recapture are Troffar the Terrible, a ruthless assailant with close ties to the Badoo Corba organization.

After reviewing the holonet of the disaster at the prison facility, Rykrof is approached by a longtime friend, Tylin Gere.

“Tylin, I take you seen this about the Badoo Corba who escaped from Lotar?” Rykrof asks as he turns around to face his friend.

“The prison break? Of course I heard about it. But I have military priorities to address before I have time to brief on a police matter,” Tylin says.

“But you’re in charge of security for Palpatine’s public appearances. I suggest the Supreme Chancellor halt all public appearances for the time being. The Badoo Corba are up to something,” he insists.

“Why would he listen to you?” Tylin laughs. “Even the Jedi Council asked him to push some appearances back. But he won’t listen. He says that he’s safe and so are the people of Coruscant. And you know what; he’s probably right!”

“We might be safe from a full scale military attack, but we’re in no way prepared for a terrorist strike. The Badoo Corba are more dangerous than you realize,” Rykrof says coldly.

Meanwhile, two of the greatest of all Jedi contemplate recent events in the war.

“Terrible news Master Mundi reported in session today regarding Rhen Var. If Dooku discovers the secrets of this planet, great consequences will we face,” Master Yoda laments.

“It seems as though Master Mundi was set up for failure,” Master Windu replies. “The addition of Commander Rykrof Enloe was not nearly enough to assist the outpost there. If we are to win this war, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine must grant us the resources we need.”

“Take back the Rhen Var system we must,” Master Yoda says firmly. “But to discover the secrets of the Ancients, take Dooku some time it will. For now, other matters must we discuss.”

Meanwhile, a small civilian transport enters the Coruscant system unabated…

…but the fugitive on board is much more dangerous that the average traveler.

After landing, the passenger enters a dark chamber hidden in the Pojer District; one of the most dangerous locations on the entire planet.

Within ancient duracrete walls the leader of the Badoo Corba, Trigg Fuuda, contacts the charismatic leader of the Confederacy, Count Dooku. Hoping to forge a new alliance with the Separatists; Trigg once considered himself a key ally to the Confederacy prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars on Geonosis.

“Trigg, you are slobbering a fool,” Dooku says sternly to the Badoo Corba leader. “I should have destroyed you when I had the chance.”

“What?” Trigg hisses. “I come to you to forge a new alliance! You should be pleased to hear from me! I have a proposal that will interest you! Troffar has returned!”

“You are a terrorist. There is no longer a purpose for your kind. Nothing you can offer will interest me. And remember, you have failed me in the past… consider this a final warning to stay out of Separatist affairs,” Dooku says coldly.

Continuing before Trigg can reply, Dooku finishes the transmission.

“Therefore there will never be a place for you in the Confederacy,” he continues. “You will stay out of all military engagements or you will suffer severe consequences.”

“Damn him,” Trigg fumes to his ally, Troffar the Terrible.

“What did you expect?” Troffar retorts. “Dooku and Palpatine are both our enemies now. Let the Republic and Confederacy tear themselves apart in this war. Then we will slaughter the survivors and forever be free of tyrants!”

“I already told you Trigg that Dooku could not be trusted,” Zeedo Chissis mentions. “He betrayed us on Abridon and would do it to us again. Instead we should persuade Black Sun to join our cause. Prince Xizor left the Confederacy some time ago. Form an alliance with them!”

“Besides, Black Sun credits are good in both the Confederacy and the Republic,” he jokes in an evil laugh.

“No!” Trigg erupts. “This has never been about credits. And we will carry out the planned attack on schedule. Once Dooku realizes what we are capable of, everything will change. It is the only way!”

The next evening, a group of Republic officials anxiously await an opportunity to see Supreme Chancellor Palpatine as he is escorted to the Galaxies Opera House on Coruscant; a favorite pastime of the Supreme Chancellor.

Soon the Supreme Chancellor emerges, escorted by a light contingency of clone troopers.

The guards assigned to protect the leader of the Senate are amongst the finest Kamino has to offer; constantly on alert for any potential assassination attempts on Chancellor Palpatine.

“Wait a minute,” young Jedi Anakin Skywalker says to himself as the escort approaches. “I sense something… something’s wrong here…”

Suddenly a thunderous explosion engulfs the light escort craft!

Amazingly, the Supreme Chancellor is unharmed in the inferno.

“Chancellor!” Anakin yells in panic as he offers the Chancellor his hand. “Are you alright? Are you hurt?”

“Anakin my boy, I’m quite fine,” Palpatine says with a comforting smile.

“This must be the work of the Separatists,” the Chancellor announces spitefully as Tylin Gere secures the area.

Although he is the senior officer present in charge of security, Tylin is relieved to see a Jedi offering support in the situation.

“Maybe it was Dooku, or terrorists or a political opponent,” Tylin says, taking charge. “But now is not the time for an investigation; right now we need to get to you a secure location.”

“Yes of course,” Palpatine agrees.

Soon, Trigg Fuuda speaks with Count Dooku again, this time at the Count’s request.

“You surprised me today Trigg,” Dooku reveals with a smile. “I was unaware that you had the resources to get so close to the Chancellor. And from the reports I read, the Chancellor was only inches away from being killed.”

“Thank you, my Lord,” Trigg hisses with a new found sense of confidence.

Trigg is then instructed to meet with an associate of Dooku’s in the bowels of an abandoned facility nearby in order to join the Confederacy.

“But you must come alone,” Dooku tells him. “Only then will you be taken care of and properly treated for your actions today.”

Following Count Dooku’s instructions, the leader of the Badoo Corba soon enters the abandoned facility he was instructed to locate…

Once inside he is confronted by a menacing cyborg.

“This way. Lord Sidious has been expecting you,” a cold mechanical voice says.

Darth Sidious?” Trigg thinks to himself. Now is he not only in Dooku’s favor, but he has the opportunity to meet the mysterious Sith Lord himself!

For years Trigg has yearned for something more; to be greater than the leader of a band of terrorists. Now, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Confederacy, he will become more powerful than he had ever imagined.

Deep within the chamber, Trigg soon encounters a shrouded being standing in the darkness…

“Welcome, Trigg Fuuda of the Badoo Corba,” an evil voice says. “Your actions today have caught the eyes of the entire galaxy. Most importantly, mine!”

Suddenly, an overwhelming fear consumes Trigg Fuuda; realizing he unwittingly set the stage for his own demise.

“But your painful end will be witnessed by only me!”

Beams of dark energy emit from the Dark Lord’s fingertips, penetrating the very soul of the terrorist leader.

Like an Arkanian jellyfish out of water, Trigg’s body spasms on the dank floor as the dark powers destroy his very essence.

Even as he begins to lose consciousness, everything becomes clear to Trigg for the first time since his ambitions for power hatched years ago. Not only has he been betrayed by Dooku, but the Sith have penetrated the highest levels of government in the Republic. Knowing what he discovers in death, he is thankful that he will not be alive to bear witness to the aftermath that will be the result of the Clone Wars.

“What a foul stench this mindless fool has,” Dooku says as he glances at the smoldering corpse of Trigg Fuuda.

“Lord Tyrannus, you did well luring him here. Now, see to it that this stunted slime is disposed of,” Darth Sidious says.

“Use the sewers below so that the body is never found. The Cthons will finish what is left of him.”

The following morning, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine calls for a special session of the Galactic Senate to be broadcast throughout the Republic.

“Thanks to our clone intelligence, the terrorist threat on Coruscant has been eliminated,” he explains above overwhelming support in the Senate Hall.

“Regretfully, the leader of the Badoo Corba, Trigg Fuuda was killed while resisting arrest. But this shall be an example to both the terrorists and the Separatists that such strikes against civilian, political or military targets will not be tolerated for as long as I am in office!”

Upon hearing the breaking news, the remaining leaders of the Badoo Corba discuss the fate of their fallen leader.

“This is a devastating loss, but we will recover and emerge stronger under new leadership,” Zeedo Chissis declares.

“Yes, and with the public satisfied that we no longer present a threat and the military focusing on the war, we will be able to move forward with our plans in secrecy. I will contact Mubaas on our hidden base on Dathomir.”

Later that afternoon, Rykrof is approached by Governor Tarkin after a military briefing.

“Commander Enloe,” the Governor says sternly. “I have good news for you. We have just intercepted a message tracing a terror cell of the Badoo Corba to the Dathomir system.”

“We want them eliminated,” he continues. “You are free to use any means necessary but we do not want the public to be aware of this mission. This means your Wookiee companion may not accompany you.”

“Fine. How much time do I have to get a team assembled?” Rykrof asks.

“I will brief you at 1800 hours, after that you are free to assemble a squad,” the Governor says. “Your shuttles will depart tomorrow at 0600 hours. And once you complete your mission, you have my personal guarantee that you will be granted the leave of absence you have already requested.”

As he prepares to hand pick a platoon of clone troopers, Rykrof hears his name being called by Anakin Skywalker.

“What is it, my Jedi friend?” Rykrof asks.

“I was there when the Chancellor was attacked,” Anakin says. “I have already requested to go on this mission with you but am being forced to engage in battle on the front lines. May the Force be with you in your search for the monsters responsible for this attack.”

Later, Rykrof and Ralbarr are approached by an old friend, Finis Valorum. Breaking a direct order, Rykrof informs Valorum of his conversation with Governor Tarkin.

“Something’s not right here,” Valorum warns.

“I agree, and for some reason Ralbarr is restricted from going on this mission,” Rykrof says.

“I tell you, something else is out of place,” Valorum insists. “Trigg Fuuda was caught much too quickly, and they haven’t revealed any details regarding how they found him or where his body is.”

“And you should be concerned that they won’t allow non-humans to participate in many military engagements lately. They should be letting Ralbarr accompany you on this mission. Watch your back, Rykrof. Be prepared for anything.”

Finis Valorum then quickly walks away, as if afraid he might be seen by someone.

“Ralbarr, let’s keep this conversation between us for now,” Rykrof then says to his Wookiee friend.

That evening, thousands of clone troopers board Republic cruisers to travel to distant planets in the war.

As Rykrof prepares to depart with his small strike force, he bids farewell to his friends, not telling Tylin of his conversation with Finis Valorum.

But the words of the wise old man have awakened an old fear within Rykrof’s very soul. A dark fear that began a decade earlier when his planet was invaded by the Trade Federation. And now the fear that forces of darkness will emerge victorious in this war.

Meanwhile, Darth Sidious meets once again with his apprentice.

“My lord, we have seen the end of Trigg Fuuda, and soon we will see the end of the Jedi,” Darth Tyrannus says proudly. “Once the ultimate weapon is complete, no star system in the galaxy will defy us.”

“Good… good,” Darth Sidious says. “But the Badoo Corba are still a threat. For now we will allow for them to survive… as they may serve our purposes by eliminating a Republic officer I have come to suspect.”

“I will not allow a respected military leader such Rykrof Enloe to begin to question his superiors. See to it that he meets his end on Dathomir. Have a fleet awaiting him once he reaches the system. If he somehow survives the fleet, surely the Badoo Corba will finish him and what is left of his strike force…”

“…and it will only be a matter of time before the powers hidden on Rhen Var are revealed,” Darth Tyrannus adds.

“…yes my friend, the final days of the Jedi Order are approaching.”


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