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Above the frigid world of Rhen Var, Separatist forces engage the invading Republic fleet.

On the surface, Republic ground forces, led by a contingent of Jedi knights, advance on the enemy…

Backed by superior firepower, they engage the defending Confederate army.

The Separatist forces are pushed back…

As the legions of clone troopers continue their advance.

“Come on Anakin!” Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi shouts.

“We have to get past these droids…”

“…before General Grievous escapes!”

Well beyond Obi Wan Kenobi’s position, an advance scout group soon finds themselves ahead the rest of the Republic forces.

Addressing his commander, an officer reports that a Republic gunship carrying a high ranking admiral has crashed near their sector.

“Admiral Gere was on that ship,” the trooper reports.

“We’re the only ones close enough to assist,” the commander points out.

“Sir, our orders are to hold this position,” the trooper replies.

“To hell with our orders,” Commander Enloe states, removing his helmet.

“Freelo, I’ll need you to stay behind with two troopers and hold this ground. The rest of us are going after Tylin.”

“Don’t worry,” Freelo assures him. “We won’t let any Separatists get past us.”

“Alright, but be very careful. We’ll be back as soon as we get Tylin out of there,” Rykrof says to his friend.

Rykrof and his men then head in the direction of Admiral Gere’s crashed gunship.

“I’m beginning to think staying here was a bad idea,” Freelo says as the realization that he’s on the front lines without his trusted friend and protector starts to sink in.

“You heard the Commander,” the clone replies. “We have to hold this position.”

Meanwhile, General Grievous prepares for a hasty retreat.

“Republic forces are advancing from all directions,” a commanding battle droid informs him.

“It is no matter. We have uncovered the artifact. Count Dooku will be most pleased,” Grievous growls.

“Time to abandon this waste of a planet,” Grievous continues.

“Keep manning the cannons!”

“What about General Snodd?” the droid asks.

“He can fend for himself!” Grievous exclaims.

General Grievous then looms over the mysterious device excavated from deep under the surface of the planet.

“I will deliver the relic to Count Dooku myself!” he laughs.

Meanwhile, Rykrof’s group races past enemy positions in a desperate attempt to reach Admiral Gere’s crash site.

Suddenly a laser blast strikes his lone remaining trooper through the chest…

Rykrof realizes that the decision to go after Tylin may be a fatal one…

…but is determined to fight his way to the ship!

Nearby the surviving crew at the crash site scramble to hold their position.

“Damn Jedi,” Tylin curses.

“Where are they when we need them?”

“STAPS approaching from the east!” one trooper shouts.

“This ship is a death trap! We can’t hold out here much longer!”

More droids continue to convene at the site…

…overwhelming the defending clone troopers!

“Admiral! Get out of here before it’s too…” the last trooper shouts as he is gunned down.

Tylin then spots another trooper approaching his position…

“Tylin!” Rykrof yells, “Get the hell out of there!”

“Rykrof!” Gere shouts with relief.

“I’m right behind you, lead the way!”

“Just like old times,” Rykrof says as he clears a path for their escape.

“Stay close behind me!”

On the other side of the stronghold, the Jedi have overtaken the Separatist fortress.

“That’s the last of them,” Obi Wan says as he gracefully strikes down another droid.

“The Separatists are in full retreat,” Anakin adds.

“All we have to do now is mop up the remaining droids scattered throughout the area.”

“All good news, Anakin, but I’m afraid it appears that General Grievous has escaped,” Obi Wan informs him.

Soon, Rykrof and Tylin find their way back to the relative safety of the front lines.

“Alright, stay here,” Rykrof tells Tylin.

“I’ll need to assemble a squad and get back to Freelo’s position.”

A small group of droids then advances on the front line…

…and a laser blast strikes Rykrof!

Rykrof is assisted by a fellow trooper as his comrades take out the droids.

“Right in the damn hip,” he mutters in pain.

“I’ll send a squad to find Freelo,” Tylin tells him.

“In the meantime, we need to get you to a medical droid.”

In the final hours of the battle, the Republic sends troops deep in the caves to route out the remaining Separatist forces…

Driving the devious Nemoidian General Snodd out into the open!

The military leader quickly detects the remnants of a Republic squad…

And catches the group by surprise!

“Hands up,” General Snodd yells.

“Don’t shoot! I surrender,” Freelo frantically insists.

YOU,” Snodd says as he realizes the identity of the Mon Calamari.

“Take this slime with us,” General Snodd orders the droid.

“No!” Freelo cries.

“They’re stealing me!”

Following the Republic’s victory on Rhen Var, Rykrof has received treatment for his injury.

“I’m really okay,” Rykrof insists to a persistent medical droid.

“Your wound has been treated, but regulation states that you should stay for observation overnight,” the droid pleads.

“I have other matters to attend to,” Rykrof says, leaving the frustrated droid in the medical bay.

“Already defying doctor’s orders?” Tylin laughs.

“You never were one to listen to good advice.”

“Or to give it,” Rykrof jokes.

“Where’s Freelo?”

“Come with me,” Tylin says as he embraces his old friend.

“I’ve been in communication with two ground teams, but there’s no sign of Freelo anywhere,” Tylin tells him.

“Oh no,” Rykrof says with a frown. “I never should have left him.”

“I’ve got to go after him…” he pauses. “Freelo is my responsibility.”

“No, your responsibility is following orders, Commander, not saving your friends,” Tylin says in a demeaning manor.

“I’ll keep that in mind next time you need rescuing,” Rykrof snaps back.

“Now is not the time to focus on your personal feelings, Commander,” Tylin says.

“You have your orders!” Tylin shouts as Rykrof leaves the control room.

Finally I know where your TRUE loyalties lie,” Tylin thinks to himself.

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