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A massive Separatist force led by General Grievous has swept into the heart of the Republic, catching Coruscant completely by surprise!

But the Grand Army of the Republic held strong…

And repelled the attack, driving the Separatist into retreat.

In a stunning turn, Separatist leader Count Dooku was killed!

But with the escape of General Grievous, the war continues…

And the future of the galaxy hangs in the balance.

As the Separatist leadership attempts to regroup, the small planet Braatos VII has become the focal point of an effort to locate a powerful Jedi who has turned against the Republic.

Down on the surface a strict curfew has been placed on the city of Unitos…

While Republic clone troopers continue to search the city for Kala Mly Shundi.

Meanwhile, in an effort to find Kala before the clones do, Jedi Masters Bassius and Redwind have met an unexpected challenge…

A group of Dark Jedi!

“Greetings, my friends,” Bassius says carefully while assessing the situation.

“We are here to speak with Kala. May we see him?”

“Don’t play games with us, Old Man,” the female leader of the group hisses.

“You should leave this planet,” another Dark Jedi warns them.

“Kala has twisted their minds,” Bassius whispers to Redwind as the pair keep a close watch on the renegades.

“They were once Padawans, their Masters have all been killed in the war… be ready for anything.”

“Our Master has seen the future,” the woman says.

“A member of the Council will thrust the galaxy into darkness.”

“Attia, I know you have suffered much in this war,” Bassius says with empathy.

“And so has Kala. So much that his vision is clouded… you must remember that the future is always in motion.”

“We will lose everything,” Attia shouts.

“The Sith have the Council by its throat but they are too foolish to realize!”

“They were sent here by the Council, and are as blind as the Council,” another Dark Jedi adds as his lightsaber snaps to life.

“And here I thought this mission would be unpleasant,” Redwind says sarcastically as the two Jedi prepare to defend themselves.

“This is your last chance,” Attia says, as the sabers of her other comrades ignite.

“Leave now. And take your clones with you.”

“We will do no such thing,” Bassius counters firmly.

“Stand down or we will be forced to take whatever steps we deem necessary to protect the interests of the Republic.”

The Jedi quickly find themselves surrounded!

“You don’t have to do this,” Bassius shouts as he parries the first attack.

“Kala has deceived you!”

Redwind stands his ground as the masked Jedi, igorning Bassius, moves forward, brandishing his dual blades menacingly.

“Stop,” Bassius pleads.

We are NOT your enemies!

You were warned!” the Ishi Tib says as a deadly stream of Force lightning leaps from his fingertips!

Spinning to face this new attacker, Redwind barely manages to block the bolt of dark energy!

“You’re not leaving us many options,” Redwind growls as his saber absorbs the attack.

“You were all such promising students,” Bassius laments as two of the renegades close in on him.

“We have been shown things you can not imagine,” Attia tells him.

“We must stop the traitor in the Jedi Council!”

“The only traitors are you,” Redwind says as he thrusts his lightsaber through the chest of the Ishi Tib!

“Redwind!” Bassius shouts as he deftly blocks another attack, “We want to take them alive!”

“They’re too dangerous to be left alive,” Redwind counters as he squares off against his remaining opponent.

“What they’re trying to do will bring down the Jedi Order!” Redwind shouts.

“It is Kala who is against the Council, not them!” Bassius says.

In an attempt to curb his anger, Redwind backs away from the masked Jedi…

In doing so he begins to turn…

And realizes Attia has abandoned the fight against Bassius in favor of attacking him!

Enraged, Redwind calls on the Force…

And pulls Attia’s lightsaber from her grasp!

Before she realizes what has happened the weapon is out of her reach…

She watches in horror as the lightsaber tears into the body of her comrade!

Finally coming to terms that there is no use reasoning with these Dark Jedi, Bassius quickly eliminates the other warrior.

Bassius then turns to face Attia.

To his surprise, she is standing next to another Dark Jedi, and none other than Kala Mly Shundi!

Bassius and Redwind then raise their sabers in anticipation of the duel to come.

Far across the galaxy, a lone Republic cruiser has just exited hyperspace.

Inside, Commander Rykrof Enloe meets with his strike team in preparation for an assault on the Badoo Corba fortress on Dantooine.

“What about the droids our scanners picked up?” Commando Drake asks as he studies the schematics of Rykrof’s plan.

“Why would Seps be at this terrorist hideout?”

“They had a rendezvous with the Badoo Corba for a prisoner exchange not long ago,” Rykrof says.

“But why they still have a force there is unknown at this time.”

“With Count Dooku dead, the Trade Federation may be doing what they can to realign their partnership with terrorist organizations,” Admiral Tylin Gere points out.

“Just more clankers to turn into liquid metal,” Racker says.

“Intelligence suggests the Badoo Corba are holed up deep under the planet’s surface,” Admiral Tylin Gere adds.

“Getting in won’t be easy.”

“That’s not all. If the cruiser is detected the Badoo Corba will be alerted to the attack,” Rykrof then advises the others.

“Once we reach the surface, we’re on our own.”

“I still think a precision bombing makes more sense,” Commando Drake says while shaking his head.

“Our orders are to eliminate the Badoo Corba leadership; why in the hell should we risk a ground team that could get cut to pieces?”

“Because,” Jedi Master Teltuu Stabo points out, “There’s the potential for vital information to be lost in a bombing.”

“The Badoo Corba network strings across dozens of systems,” he continues.

“If the complex is destroyed, we risk the chance of losing data that could reveal their contacts and sympathizers.”

“Plus, there’s a prisoner we’d like to get out of there unscathed,” Rykrof points out.

“I know Freelo is your friend,” Tylin interjects.

“But make no mistake Rykrof, your primary objective is to locate Mubaas Fuuda. We don’t leave until he is in our custody - dead or alive.”

“All the others are to be killed on sight, regardless of the circumstances. Take no prisoners other than Mubaas.”

“Good. About time we wipe those slugs out,” Racker says.

Tylin then looks to Teltuu Stabo.

“You’re being rather silent, Master Jedi. I trust you will not stand in the way of the Chancellor’s direction in this matter?”

“I am not one to question the threat the Badoo Corba still pose.” the Jedi says.

“However I will take no part in the killing of prisoners.”

“You’re not expected to,” Rykrof tells him.

“My men are prepared to carry out this order.”

Meanwhile back on Braatos VII…

A group of Republic clone troopers have been alerted to a disturbance in the residential district of Unitos.

To their surprise they find Redwind standing over the bodies of several slain Jedi!

“Sir, what happened?” the lead officer asks.

“It’s Kala… he’s here,” Redwind says.

“These Jedi… all traitors to the Republic,” he says with regret.

“Where is Master Bassius?” the trooper asks.

“Inside… he went after Kala,” Redwind tells the group.

“Contact your men and form a perimeter, I want all entrances to this building locked down!”

“If Kala gets out, shoot him on sight.”

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