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The Republic has just repelled a massive assault by the Separatists on Coruscant…

…and with the death of Count Dooku, the Jedi Council has made the destruction of General Grievous its primary goal.

But the war is not over.

All the while, the master plan of the Sith has begun to unfold.

Far away from the epic battles stretching across the galaxy, Dantooine has become a sanctuary for criminal and illegal operations.

Most notable are the Badoo Corba…

…a group of terrorists bent on the destruction of the Republic.

Now with the war taking a turn for the worse, some Separatists have secretly reached out to the Badoo Corba for support.

And the leader of the organization, Mubaas Fuuda, welcomes them with open arms.

Deep below the terrorist complex, the pungent stench of rotting flesh consumes the underground dungeons.

Partially responsible for the nauseating smell; a giant Skrilling guard has begun his daily patrol of these lower levels.

Massive and cruel, he sees to it that the prisoners have a short but painful lifespan in the dungeon.

On this day he has come across something he has never before seen - a break in one of the walls!

The giant brute realizes that the security of the complex has been compromised.

“Looking for me?” Jedi Master Teltuu Stabo then asks.

Filled with rage, the lumbering beast charges at the intruder!

But the Jedi holds his ground and dodges a deadly swing by the brutal warrior!

Using his immense size to his advantage, the Skrilling then corners his adversary!

But the Jedi is too swift and quickly strikes through its chest with his lightsaber!

Several Republic clone troopers then scramble through the makeshift doorway!

“Come on, we haven’t much time,” the Jedi insists.

“Secure the area,” Commander Rykrof Enloe orders his men as he approaches the Jedi.

“Check for security cameras.”

“All clear,” Commando Drake reports.

“Room secure.”

Rykrof and his men then begin to trod through the dungeon to check for hostiles.

“Okay now, you know the drill,” Rykrof says once satisfied that there are no other immediate dangers nearby.

“Split into your designated teams and search for prisoners - we are to protect any we find at all costs. Then we proceed with the primary objective.”

The group then systematically disperses into separate units.

“I think I found one,” trooper Chard soon reports.

“I bet anyone we find down here is going to be just like this,” his counterpart reacts with disgust.

“If I was a hostile I could have just shot you both while your heads were down,” Commando Drake scolds the pair of soldiers.

“Cut the chatter and keep moving.”

Nearby, Rykrof and his Jedi friend investigate one of the seemingly endless passages of the dungeon.

“You’re very worried; I can sense it.” Jedi Master Teltuu Stabo says to Rykrof.

“It’s more than that,” Rykrof tells him.

“It’s this place. There’s something very…familiar about it.”

“Clear your mind, Commander,” the Jedi offers.

“Keep your focus on the mission.”

Suddenly a trooper signals that he has found something.

“It’s him,” Rykrof exhales with relief.

“Stay back and give me a moment,” he orders his men.

As he approaches his friend, Rykrof can barely believe he has found Freelo alive in such harsh conditions.

“Freelo,” Rykrof whispers softly, “we’re going to get you out of here.”

Suddenly, Rykrof is caught off balance as the Mon Calamari swings a stick, landing a solid blow to his head!

“You idiot!” Rykrof bellows as he steps back to regain his footing.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Rykrof!” Freelo exclaims with joy.

“I’m sorry; I thought you were one of them!”

“Commander, do you require ground support to protect you from this dangerous life form?” Captain Racker asks as the team bursts into laughter.

“Real funny,” Rykrof manages to say with a straight face as Freelo wraps him in a hug.

“Freelo,” Teltuu interrupts.

“Are there any other survivors down here?”

“I don’t think so,” he responds.

“There was a Corellian down here, too, but I think something ate him.”

“Something ate him?” Drake asks.

“We need to get moving,” Rykrof cuts the trooper off.

“Racker, I want you to take Freelo back to the entry point and take up a defensive position.”

“Now you listen,” Rykrof then says as he turns back to his friend.

“Racker’s gonna get you out of here. But if anything happens, just follow the tunnel until you see daylight,” he insists.

“And don’t look back, Freelo. No matter what.”

“We left a communications console at the end of the tunnel,” Rykrof continues.

“If you turn it on, it’ll alert Tylin immediately and a transport will arrive within minutes.”

“What are the rest of you going to do?” Freelo asks the group.

“Something that should have been done a long time ago,” Rykrof tells his friend.

“Now get moving before I change my mind and make you come with us.”

“I knew Rykrof would come for me,” Freelo says confidently as he follows the trooper.

“I’m too important to be left down here.”

“Alright, stay sharp,” Rykrof says as he leads his men toward the upper levels.

“I have a feeling the Badoo Corba know we’re here.”

Far across the galaxy, Republic forces have taken control of Braatos VII; a peaceful planet that has attempted to remain neutral during the war.

In the residential district of Unitos, Republic clone troopers have put the capital city on lock down.

Several troops guard the main entrance of a building where a group of Jedi have turned on each other.

At the south entrance, a separate team of clones is greeted by an additional support group.

“Every exit out of there is now secure,” the commanding officer reports.

“Master Bassius said they want to deal with this themselves. Our only concern is to prevent the rogue Jedi from escaping.”

Inside the building, two members of the Jedi Order cautiously search for the rogue Jedi.

“Something is very wrong,” Redwind comments as he follows his elder friend.

“And it’s not just the negative energy I am sensing from Kala.”

“I sense it too,” Bassius replies as the two round a corner.

“Stay alert.”

The two Jedi then approach an open meditation chamber.

“Leave now,” Kala Mly Shundi hisses from the shadows as his apprentice stands by his side.

“Kala,” Bassius says calmly.

“This game has ended. Surrender your weapons.”

“There is no preventing the fall of the Jedi Order,” Kala counters.

“With this knowledge we sought sanctuary on this planet until the time would come for us to emerge from the shadows,” he continues.

“Then you came here to kill us,” Attia says darkly.

“We had to defend ourselves.”

“If you had simply come peacefully your friends would still be alive,” Redwind counters.

“Don’t be fools,” Kala insists.

“The Jedi Order has been corrupted by the Sith.”

“If that is true, take your claim to the Council directly by coming with us to Coruscant,” Bassius counters.

“There is no use reasoning with a council that is too arrogant to realize that it has been deceived,” Attia snarls.

“Then we will do what me must,” the Sullustan Jedi says as he activates his lightsaber.

Attia then ignites her weapon.

“I’ll handle Kala,” Redwind suggests as his lightsaber hisses to life.

“Just contain him. Dealing with the young one will be swift,” Bassius replies.

Arrogant fool!” Attia hisses.

“Your way of thinking is why the Council is unable to see what is happening!”

She then lashes out at Bassius, who easily blocks her strike.

Across the room, Redwind attempts to prevent Kala from aiding his apprentice.

“You should not have come here,” Kala tells the young Jedi.

“You left us no choice,” Redwind counters as he lunges forward.

“The Jedi Order has lost its way,” Kala replies darkly as he allows Redwind to move in closer.

“And the Jedi have now become the face of corruption.”

“Now take a step back, foolish boy,” Kala says while raising his hand.

Through his mastery of the Force, Kala then throws Redwind across the room…

…and the noble Jedi is rendered unconscious!

Ha!” Attia laughs.

“Your friend is not as powerful as you thought!”

Despite her youth, Attia is a formidable opponent and Bassius realizes he will have no choice but to strike her down if he is to survive.

Sensing Bassius. aggressive posture, Kala turns his attention to the Sullustan Jedi.

.No, wait!. he shouts.

Bassius moves swiftly in to deliver the killing blow…

…but at that moment, he is suddenly struck by a laser blast to the back!

Catching the Jedi completely by surprise, several clone troopers have entered the room and opened fire on the group!

The clones then concentrate their fire on Attia…

Overwhelmed by the attack, she is quickly struck down!

In just a matter of seconds, both Bassius and Attia are dead!

“So, it has begun,” Kala says as he raises his weapon and focuses on his new enemies.

The troops then turn their attention on Kala!

Blast him!” one trooper shouts as the group opens fire!

Kala blocks the first blast with his lightsaber…

…deflecting it into the commanding officer’s chest!

The troops continue to unload blasts of energy at Kala…

…but they are no match for the Jedi!

Kala then avoids the next barrage of fire…

…in doing so he then charges toward the remaining clones!

Realizing they are unable to stop the Jedi with their blasters, one officer pulls out a seismic detonator…

…before Kala can reach the clones, the room is engulfed in a fiery explosion!

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