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In a sharp turn of events, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has revealed himself to be the Dark Lord of the Sith and seized complete control of the Republic!

Immediately issuing a command for all Jedi to be terminated at once, Jedi on the front lines of battle are confronted by their own clone troopers!

They are caught totally unaware of the betrayal…

…and the Jedi Temple burns.

On the remote world of Braatos VII, a clone trooper garrison searches for Jedi survivors.

A group of concerned onlookers watch as Republic troops scatter throughout the capital city of Unitos…

“What’s happening?” an elderly Arcona wonders.

“Some sort of rebellion,” a Nikto male responds.

“They’re hunting Jedi!”

“Listen!” the group’s small companion screeches.

Laser blasts!”

“We best stay out of this; this is the Jedi’s problem to deal with. Not ours.”

In an adjacent district several troops converge on a battered Jedi desperately fighting for his life… Redwind!

The clones then work together to unleash a deadly barrage of fire…

Within moments the clone troopers have eliminated the noble Jedi!

“Restrict any transports from leaving the city,” the commanding officer says while standing over the dead Jedi.

“Amazing he survived the initial blast,” one trooper observes.

“All the more reason to believe another Jedi may still be out there,” the commander continues.

“Double your search and begin questioning the locals.”

Soon after, an Ithorian peasant makes his way past the adjacent alley…

…creeping out from behind a droid factory crawler, a badly injured Jedi pulls himself to his feet!

Kala Mly Shundi cautiously emerges, knowing he must get off the planet if he is to survive.

Meanwhile, on Dantooine…

…the 334 Siege Battalion, unaware of the order to kill the Jedi, has broken into a fortress held by Badoo Corba terrorists…

The team has saved Rykrof’s longtime friend, Freelo.

But the primary goal of the mission is to eliminate the leaders of the Badoo Corba. Once the team has begun to move toward the upper levels…

…it has met strong resistance from the organization’s Separatist allies!

In spite of the enemy’s superior numbers, Rykrof’s unit has been trained for this moment…

…the elimination of the Badoo Corba!

Beings from all corners of the galaxy are represented by the evil organization…

…including horrifying machines created for tearing victims apart!

But against all odds, the strike force is relentless in their assault!

And Rykrof is determined to bring down the terrorist organization once and for all!

However, Jedi Master Teltuu Stabo has sensed a terrible disturbance in the Force.

Uncertain of what has happened; he reveals nothing to his comrades.

Soon it becomes apparent that the squad is overmatched by the superior numbers of the enemy forces!

Commando Drake quickly realizes that reinforcements are needed if the unit is to survive…

…he and his men then break off from the main group to shut down the Badoo Corba jamming signal!

Meanwhile, Rykrof presses on in search of the Badoo Corba leader, Mubaas Fuuda.

Splitting into several squads, a small team of Rykrof’s men remain on the lower level to provide cover for Rykrof’s advance…

…as the others press forward.

Soon, the team gets pinned down by a group of deadly Separatist Lancer Droids!

Led by one of the Trade Federation’s military leaders, General Snodd!

“Wait… behind the droids…” Rykrof observes.

“It’s Troffar! The Badoo Corba’s second in command!”

“No sign of Mubaas,” Teltuu adds.

“We’ll need to take Troffar alive!”

Rykrof’s headset suddenly comes to life with a transmission from Commando Drake!

“Commander Enloe, this is Drake. I’ve reached the comm center.”

“Good work!” Rykrof shouts.

“See if you can break through the jamming signal and contact Admiral Gere! We need reinforcements!”

“Bad new, Sir… detonator went off in here,” Drake reports.

“Behind us!” one of Rykrof’s troopers warns.

Rykrof then turns to find a group of Battle Droids approaching his position from behind!

“We’re caught in a cross fire here Drake!” Rykrof shouts.

“How bad is it?”

“My men are down… equipment is useless… but our communications to Admiral Gere are still being blocked somehow. Schematics indicate a secondary comm unit in the east wing…”

“I’m headed there to shut down the override.”

“Damnit,” Rykrof curses as the Badoo Corba continue to pin his group down.

“Alright, you’re going to have to fall back to the hangar bay so nobody escapes,” Rykrof tells his Jedi friend.

“I can handle Troffar.”

“Rykrof, the situation has changed,” Master Teltuu insists.

“Right now we need those reinforcements. Establishing communication to Admiral Gere’s men is vital.”

Rykrof then realizes that both Troffar and General Snodd are gone!

“Fine, go help Drake establish contact! Do what you have to do!”

“But I’m going after the Gran!”

Rykrof then strikes a direct hit in the chest of one of the Lancer Droids!

“Very well, Commander. We’ll do it your way,” Teltuu relents as he turns in response to the Battle Droid advance.

Rykrof then springs forward in pursuit of Troffar and General Snodd!

He quickly rounds a corner…

…and finds himself face to face with Troffar!

Acting on instinct, Rykrof blasts the Gran’s weapon out of his hand!

“Get on your knees and get your hands where I can see them!” Rykrof insists.

Rykrof then removes his helmet to reveal his identity to the evil terrorist.

“You Infidel Slime,” Troffar laughs upon recognizing his captor.

“You have won nothing, Rykrof Enloe…”

Rykrof then shoves his blaster against the Gran’s neck!

Where’s Mubaas?”

“You’ll never find him,” he growls.

“The Badoo Corba’s allies stretch across the galaxy… we will bathe in your family’s blood!”

Troffar then reveals a dagger, and lunges forward!

“Die! In the name of Innoril!”

Rykrof quickly fires a single shot at the Gran!

He then looks down at the body of Troffar in disgust.

“Descend to an eternity in hell,” he says.

Observing his surroundings, Rykrof then shifts his attention to contacting Admiral Tylin Gere.

“I might be able to use this equipment to shut down their jamming signal…”

“That won’t be necessary,” the admiral then announces as he enters the room.

“Tylin?” Rykrof asks with suspicion.

“What’s going on?”

“I’ve taken command of this operation,” Tylin explains.

“Orders came down from the top. We are to ensure they are followed without question.”

“What orders?”

“Executive orders,” his friend replies.

“The Jedi attempted to overthrow the Senate and must be dealt with. Now, where is Teltuu Stabo?”

Tylin then turns in response to laser blasts and an anguished scream coming from a nearby room.

Rykrof then races past his friend into the adjacent hallway to investigate!

There he finds a dead clone trooper lying on the ground…

“Light saber wound,” Tylin observes.

“Your Jedi friend must still be alive.”

“He’s gone, Admiral,” a trooper reports as he runs into the room.

“Brought down several more of our squad on his way out.”

“Would somebody please explain what in the hell’s going on?” Rykrof asks.

The conversation is then interrupted as General Snodd is escorted into the chamber by a pair of Admiral Gere’s troopers.

“General Snodd,” Tylin nods smugly.

“What may I ask is the Trade Federation doing dealing with the Badoo Corba?”

“I demand to speak with the Separatist Council at once!” Snodd replies.

“I’m afraid I can’t allow that,” the admiral says as he raises his blaster.

“Our orders are to eliminate all the terrorists in this facility; and since you have joined forces with them…”

“…that makes you one of them!”

“Tylin!” Rykrof protests.

“He was an unarmed prisoner!”

“I think the Chancellor will agree with me in this… matter,” Tylin coolly replies.

“What about Teltuu?” Rykrof asks.

“He won’t get far,” Tylin insists.

“My men will handle the situation from here.”

Several kilometers away, Teltuu Stabo safely observes the Republic activity surrounding the Badoo Corba complex.

“This can’t be happening,” he laments.

“The order to kill the Jedi was sent to all clone commanders,” Commando Drake replies.

“Palps has gone mad.”

“No, this was planned in advance,” the Duros Jedi argues.

“The Jedi were deceived… we should have seen this coming.”

Teltuu then turns to the veteran Commando.

“So, why did you help me?” he asks.

“I don’t shoot friends in the back,” Drake replies.

“When they find out what you’ve done, they’ll be after you as well,” Teltuu points out.

“I’m well aware of what awaits me if I’m caught,” Drake admits.

“So, what’s our next move, General?”

“We need to find out if any other Jedi survived,” Teltuu says as he raises the macro binoculars again.

“And see which side Rykrof takes.”

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