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In the furthest reaches of the Outer Rim, a lone Imperial Star Destroyer hovers above the remote world of Dantooine.

On the surface of the planet, Imperial Stormtroopers survey the damage from a recent battle with Rebel insurgents atop a mountain stronghold.

Vastly outnumbered and poorly equipped, the Rebel base was decimated by Imperial forces.

Led by Baron Tylin Gere, this is but one of many Rebel camps he has personally led secret assaults on during recent months…

…as he searches for information that he believes is vital to both the survival of the Empire and his own private interests.

While tearing the base apart, his personal division of Stormtroopers have found few survivors.

Fools,” Tylin scoffs as he walks past the corpse of a Rebel soldier.

“People should know when they’ve been defeated.”

“Sir, we’ve found no trace of the artifact,” officer Draven informs his superior.

“Keep looking. We’re not leaving this wretched planet until we learn of its whereabouts,” Tylin replies.

“Baron Gere!” a second trooper reports, “We have a survivor who mentioned the relic!”

Excellent,” Tylin smiles.

“Take me to him.”

The group then swiftly approaches a badly injured Mon Calamari lying on the ground.

“I am Baron Tylin Gere,” the smug Imperial announces sharply.

“What is your rank?”

“I… lieutenant…” he struggles to answer.

Lieutentant,” he grins.

“Tell me now, where is the relic that your band of Rebels have been hiding?”

“It’s not here,” the Mon Calamari gasps.

“Not here? Where is it?”

“I… egghh… don’t know… I swear… it was stolen…”

“…we believe they were… ugh… Badoo Corba agents,” he gasps.

Damn these people,” Tylin growls as he looks up to his men.

“When was this?” the Baron demands.

When were they here?”

“Weeks ago… records were in our database… which your bombers destroyed…”

“My body is broken… I surrender… please… bring a medical capsule…”

“He’s told us everything he knows,” Tylin says to his troops.

“This soldier is in… terrible condition.”

“Relieve his pain.”

Without hesitation, the loyal soldiers of the Empire fire their blasters into the Mon Calamari!

“Sir, what are our orders now?” officer Draven asks.

“Destroy any record that we were here,” Tylin replies.

“Then burn the camp and kill any survivors.”

“…and set course for the Badoo Cobra stronghold on Dathomir.”

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