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The Dantallion…flagship of Imperial Baron Tylin Gere.

In the recent months, Tylin has waged a secret war…

…as he attempts to locate an ancient Sith artifact that is now in the hands of Badoo Corba terrorists.

He has destroyed Rebel outposts…

…and shown no mercy to his enemies.

He has even ordered the execution of members of Rykrof Enloe’s family and blamed it on the terrorists…

…all the while, unaware that the Emperor has been monitoring his progress with great interest.

…while the scientists in the employ of the Badoo Corba pursue their own agenda.

Now, Tylin’s Star Destroyer approaches Naboo.

On the surface, Imperial Stormtroopers patrol the capital city of Theed.

Meanwhile, Alyssa and Caldin Enloe are escorted to their new residence.

Alyssa is very concerned for the well-being of her son and does not understand Tylin’s intentions.

Knowing that Tylin is set to arrive at any moment, she checks on Caldin.

“Why don’t you check out your new room?” Alyssa smiles.

“Down the hall, last room on the left.”

“This place is great!” the boy exclaims.

“Wait until Dad sees it!”

“I hope I’m not intruding on anything,” Tylin then says as he enters the home.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” Alyssa asks Tylin once her son has left the room.

“You were unhappy aboard my ship,” Tylin replies.

“I thought you may be more comfortable here, back on Naboo.”

“Yes… it’s better,” she admits.

“But we can’t go on like this. I need to speak with my husband… now.”

“I’m afraid that’s not possible,” Tylin frowns.

“If we open a communication channel, his mission will be jeopardized. It could even get him killed.”

“You know how dangerous the Badoo Corba are,” he continues as Alyssa turns from him.

“Just look at what they did to your home on Urelia. Poor Josser… and Palom…”

“Please… leave me,” Alyssa frowns.

“Caldin keeps asking about what happened to his grandfather… I need to be alone when I explain things to him.”

“Just know that Rykrof is doing the right thing by going to Dathomir,” Tylin offers.

“These are hard times for all of us, but while your husband is enacting revenge, my men will be here to protect you and your son.”

“You know I have always cared deeply for you, Alyssa.”

“And I have always loved my husband,” she carefully replies.

“Of course. Rykrof is a very blessed man,” Tylin smiles as he senses her discomfort with the conversation.

“Now… I must be going. If there is anything you need, please inform the security team outside. They will be on constant guard duty for your safety.”

Far across the Outer Rim, the obscure world known as Dathomir is avoided by most travelers…

…meanwhile, Rykrof Enloe’s strike team has landed on a small island in the southern hemisphere of the planet.

Encamped at their landing point, Freelo and Traedon Cusiro wait impatiently for Rykrof to report in.

“In my opinion, this place is cursed,” Freelo whimpers as he observes the surrounding forest.

“I don’t really care about your opinion, Freelo,” Traedon sneers.

“If there’s one person not cut out for this mission, it’s you.”

“How rude!” Freelo replies.

“I’ll have you know, I’ve become quite the marksmen!”

“Is that so?” Traedon smirks.

“Can you two quit the bitching please?” Doksin asks.

“I’m trying to work here.”

“Mind your own business,” Traedon warns the trooper.

“Now, fish-face… let’s see what a great shot you really are.”

“Draw your blaster.”

“Uh… I…” Freelo hesitates.

“Just what I thought,” the former bounty hunter laughs.

“Still a puss.”

“What’s the problem down here?” Rykrof interrupts as he approaches the camp.

“Ain’t no problem,” Traedon smiles.

“There better not be,” Rykrof warns.

“Listen,” Rykrof adds.

“I’m risking a lot allowing you to be part of this team, Traedon.”

“Easy there, Commander,” Traedon grins.

“We’re all on the same team here.”

“Master Enloe,” T-3PO interjects.

“Kala Mly Shundi shut down his commlink. I’m afraid he may be in trouble!”

“His last reference point was about two kilometers north of our location,” Traedon points out.

“We should check this out.”

“That’s what we get for splitting up our scout teams,” Rykrof grumbles.

“Traedon, why don’t you two come with me and we’ll see what’s going on?”

“Go ahead sir,” Doksin offers.

“I’ll stay back with the droids.”

The trio then set off into the wilderness…

…unaware of what dangers may await them.

“Stop,” Traedon whispers.

“Up ahead… look at that…” he nods.

Ahead of the group, an Imperial Stormtrooper slowly plods through the forest.

“What are Stormtroopers doing here?” Rykrof whispers.

“I can get off a shot, before turns around,” Freelo eagerly offers.

The trooper then begins to slowly sway back and forth.

“Don’t shoot him,” Rykrof whispers.

“We might be able take a prisoner here…”

“I don’t know about that,” Traedon tells him.

“Something’s not right.”

Just then, the Stormtrooper turns toward the group…

…revealing a bloody, decaying face!

Prisoner, MY ASS!” Traedon shouts as he raises his blaster.

Then suddenly, Kala Mly Shundi appears from the trees above!

…and in one swift motion, he decapitates the man!

Rykrof and the others stand in silence as they attempt to comprehend what they just witnessed.

“Great work!” Caller shouts as approachs the group.

“Tachu nota!” HK-88 agrees as he appears from within the forest.

“I hope that didn’t startle you,” Kala tells Rykrof.

“What… just… happened?” Rykrof stutters as he approaches his Jedi friend.

“I’m afraid we are in for more than we bargained for on this island,” Kala says.

“The contents of the relic… are no longer dormant.”

“Did Tylin tell you about this?” Kala asks Rykrof.

“Did he tell you that the Badoo Corba had used the relic?”

“No!” Rykrof insists.

Used the relic? What are you talking about?” Traedon asks.

“We ran into two more of these things earlier,” Caller says.

“The artifact we’re after is responsible for this.”

“…the relic that the Badoo Corba took was said to contain remnants of an infectious viral agent that attacks biological tissue… and transforms its victims into what you just saw,” Kala explains.

“My senses tell me the Badoo Corba scientists have been unable to contain the virus,” Kala continues.

“They may be in an even more desperate situation than we have found ourselves in.”

“Whoa… if they learn how to weaponize this, there’s no telling what they could do,” Rykrof tells the group.

“Tylin must have sent a strike force here to recover the relic before he forced you into this mission,” Traedon offers.

“And these… Stormtroopers… are what’s left of his team.”

“Damn… something’s jamming the commlink signal,” Rykrof then realizes.

“The Badoo Corba must know we’re here,” Kala tells him.

“We don’t have time to go back for Doksin.”

“Time is of the essence,” Kala continues.

“…we must find the Badoo Corba stronghold before nightfall.”

“I agree with the Jedi,” Caller says.

“…and I don’t think we want to run into any of these things in the dark… especially not when they’re in a group.”

“Alright,” Rykrof concedes.

“Let’s get moving.”

That evening, back at the camp, T-3PO nervously approaches Doksin.

“Sir, I’ve been trying to contact Master Enloe,” the droid frantically announces.

But the commlink isn’t working!”

“I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about,” Doksin assures him.

“The Badoo Corba don’t even know we’re here.”

At that moment, R4-22 squeals a frantic warning…

…as something emerges from the trees.

“That man… something’s wrong with him,” T-3PO observes.

It’s a nightmare!

“Get behind me, get behind me!” Doksin shouts.

The group quickly falls into a panic as they become surrounded…

Curse my metal body, I dropped the commlink!” T-3PO cries.



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