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Banyss… a remote world secretly housing a small rebel faction…

…and the temporary residence of Rykrof Enloe.

In recent months, his life has fallen apart…

Beginning with twisted ambitions by Imperial Baron Tylin Gere…

…which led to the brutal killing of his father…

…and the separation from, and resentment of, his son.

Events compelled Rykrof to reunite with former Jedi, Kala Mly Shundi, and his band of rebels…

…soon they found themselves facing perilous dangers on Dathomir!

Horrors beyond imagine…

…and an encounter with Darth Vader!

Now, he must deal with the hard fact that the device given to him by Vader has revealed the secret location of Kala’s rebel faction!

Through his mastery of the Force, Kala has been able to sense what has happened…

…and takes Rykrof to explain the situation to former Senator, Tame Heem.

“I’m afraid there isn’t much time to discuss options,” Rykrof tells the Ithorian leader.

“The Empire is headed this way. Kala is going to escort you off the planet.”

“That is not a rational course of action,” Kala says.

“Vader is coming. I must face him… and you must be the one to leave.”

Alarmed, Tame Heem disagrees with the plan completely.

“No! We must alert Ambassador Sulo!”

“I’ll speak with Sulo, but you have to leave with Kala,” Rykrof insists, turning away momentarily.

“I can’t keep you safe… but Kala can.”

“But the escape cruiser is not currently space worthy,” the Ithorian scowls.

“Everyone else will be killed!”

“I’ll make certain Sulo is prepared for the assault,” Rykrof counters.

“This place isn’t going down without a fight.”

“Very well,” Kala laments, knowing Rykrof’s decision is made.

“I will dump the device to buy you as much time as possible…”

“…and I will do everything in my power to locate your son; and protect him.”

“May the Force be with you,” Rykrof whispers as Kala closes the hatch…

…and the shuttle rises toward the atmosphere.

“How far is the commander center from here?” Rykrof requests of the nearest soldier.

“I’ll take you there!”

Within minutes, Rykrof bursts into the command center…

“Enloe?” Ambassador Sulo asks.

“You can’t just barge in here!”

“Not much time,” Rykrof gasps.

“Imperials are on their way.”

“What are you rambling about?” Sulo demands.

“Nobody knows of our location!”

“I sense a disturbance in the Force,” former Jedi Clorri Lislo says, stepping forward.

“I’ve dealt with your disturbances all too often,” Sulo retorts.

“I need evidence the Empire is coming, not irrational feelings from you Jedi.”

“Master Shundi left the planet in a hurry,” she says, ignoring the insult.

“Why would he do this without informing us?”

“He needed to get Tame Heem off the planet as quick possible,” Rykrof tells her.


“Sir, he’s right,” a senior technician states.

“A pair of Star Destroyers has just jumped out of hyperspace!”

“This… c…can’t be happ…ening,” Sulo stutters.

Get the crews to their fighters!” Clorri shouts as she and Rykrof leave to rally the troops!

Above the base, Imperial TIE Fighters disembark from their mother ships…

…while the rebels hastily scramble their defenses!

Their speeders race above the forest line…

…and take to the air!

The rebel forces are immediately met by enemy fire!

The resistance fighters quickly find themselves outnumbered…

…and are eliminated!

Efficient and determined, the Imperial forces swiftly land their assault troops…

…pressing toward the rebel defenses!

However, Ambassador Sulo’s forces are better prepared for a land battle than aerial combat…

…and strike back at the enemy!

But the Stormtroopers quickly surround their adversaries…

…who find themselves under heavy fire!

Several rebel troopers are struck down!

But the remaining forces rally to form a counterstrike!

Hiding behind some ruins, brave Sergeant Trank fires at a passing Imperial walker…

…but is no match for the armored menace, which turns and delivers a lethal blast!

The inevitable then happens…

…as the remaining survivors must fall into a full retreat!

Soon, the compound walls are breached…

…and Stormtroopers pour into the base!

“Hit them with everything you’ve got!” Corporal Bafrin shouts to his comrades…

…as he strikes down an advancing Imperial!

In the midst of the battle, two Jedi fend off the attacking forces…

…both sensing this day will be their last.

“There is no death; there is only the Force,” Paladin Attpo Teacro reminds his Jedi ally.

“Keep telling yourself that!” Clorri yells.

“But I’m killing as many Imperials as I can!”

In spite of the Jedi efforts, enemy forces continue to storm the compound…

…crushing the resistance!

The Empire’s numbers are too vast…

…and their war machines are far too powerful!

Meanwhile, the command center is being threatened…

…forcing Ambassador Sulo to attempt a hasty escape!

“Damn you Enloe, where are you?” he growls as his loyal troops defend their position…

…but their efforts are in vain…

…as the Sullustan leader is quickly cut down…

…and lies motionless on the ground!

Nearby, Traedon Cusiro fends off the rush of Imperials…

…who are unable to land a shot on the former bounty hunter!

He efficiently brings down every threat in his sights!

“Traedon!” Rykrof shouts above the thundering blaster fire.

“Find Freelo,” Rykrof insists.

“And get him out of here!”

“Are you crazy? What about you?”

“Don’t argue with me on this!” Rykrof pleads.

“Get him to the forest… and stick together!”

“I’ll catch up with you!”

Even as Rykrof continues to desperately fend off the Imperials, the enemy continues to advance!

“Fall back!”

“There’s too many of them!”

On the southern flank, Freelo and T-3PO argue about the desperate situation.

“We have to find Rykrof,” Freelo insists.

“Either you come with me, or I’m leaving you here!”

“I just got repaired, you floundering amphibian!” the droid snaps back.

“I’m not wandering through this madness only to get blasted into a million pieces!”

Suddenly, a shot shatters the droid’s casing!

“Something must have happened to me,” the droid observes.

“Oh no! I’m everywhere!”

Meanwhile, the Imperials continue the slaughter of the rebel faction…

…as only small pockets of resistance remain.

The situation has become hopeless!

Even the command center has been overrun by the Stormtrooper battalion.

Preparations are quickly made…

…for the arrival of Darth Vader.

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