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Banyss… once the perfect escape from the watchful eyes of the Empire…

…and a sanctuary for a small Rebel cell…

…until Rykrof Enloe unwittingly revealed the planet’s location to Darth Vader!

Former Senator Tame Heem was promptly escorted to safety…

…but, before the Rebel faction could organize a full evacuation, Darth Vader’s Imperial forces moved in…

…swiftly dispatching troops…

…and crushing the Rebel forces!

As the remaining survivors fight for their very lives, the Dark Lord exits his shuttle.

“Lord Vader,” Commander Vlarra says, stiffening his posture.

“The rebels are on the run. It won’t be long before these scum are all destroyed.”

“Where are the Jedi?” Vader asks, ignoring the ambitious officer’s comments.

“As you ordered, we have them… contained, my Lord.”

“How many are there?”

“There’s two of them… Sector Nine,” Vlarra smiles.

“I have a squad of my best men ready to assist you.”

“I do not require assistance,” Vader responds as he walks past Commander Vlarra.

Just then, Baron Tylin Gere cautiously exits the shuttle.

“I was not notified that you were part of this mission…”

“…welcome to Banyss, Baron.”

“The pleasure is all yours, I’m sure,” Tylin snidely replies.

“You know why I’m here. Have you located Enloe?”

“As expected, he’s refused to surrender… Enloe’s still out there; and he’s all yours.”

“He is no longer of any use to me. I do not want him leaving this planet alive.”

Nearly a kilometer away, Rykrof watches as the rebel soldiers are overrun…

…and manages to slip away from the advancing troopers.

Throughout the complex, the rebels have begun to capitulate…

…and are rounded up by the invading army.

However, some of the Stormtroopers still encounter resistance…

…as the Jedi refuse to give in!

“Be mindful,” Attpo Teacro tells Clorri Lislo.

“Our attackers have positioned us in this area intentionally…”

“…they are setting us up.”

“Setting us up for what?” Clorri shouts above the blaster fire.

She then realizes what is about to happen…

…as the laser blasts cease.

Darth Vader then approaches the two Jedi.

“Use caution,” Attpo advises his companion as the two gauge this new threat.

“There is no escape…” the Dark Lord hisses before turning his head towards Clorri.

“Don’t make me destroy you.”

With Clorri incapacitated, Vader turns his attention to the senior Jedi…

…feeding on his opponent’s fear.

“Kala Mly Shundi has abandoned you…”

Vader then summons the Force…

…violently snapping the Jedi’s neck!

Nearby, Rykrof carefully moves among the shadows as the Imperials round up their captives…

Keeping his distances, he watches as an Imperial officer speaks to a pair of prisoners.

His stomach drops as he identifies the officer…

…Tylin Gere!

“We don’t who you’re talking about,” one of the rebel troopers pleads.

Rykrof Enloe is his name!” Tylin barks.

“He was here! He’s the one that led us to this wretched planet!”

“We’re just soldiers doing our job,” the other rebel says.

“We don’t know the names of everyone that comes through this place.”

“Very well then,” Tylin replies reasonably.

“To your feet, soldier. Now, tell me instead, who is the leader of this facility?”

“You mean Imperial Intelligence didn’t brief you on that already?” the prisoner smiles.

“These men know nothing,” Tylin says to the nearest Stormtrooper.

“Kill them both.”

The Imperials then open fire on the helpless prisoners…

…ending the lives of both men.

Horrified, Rykrof’s concern then shifts to the well-being of his friends…

…who have barely managed to make it out of the complex!

Making as much distance as they can from the Imperials, Traedon and Freelo sprint through the forest.

Consumed with guilt, Freelo can’t help but question the decision to abandon the fight.

“We should go back,” he decides.

“That would only get us killed,” Traedon reminds the Mon Calamari.

“All we can do now is save our own skins… or scales, in your case.”

“Rykrof never would have left us behind…”

He was the one who begged me to get you out of there,” Traedon reminds him.

“If you won’t come with me, then I’ll just have to do this myself,” Freelo insists.

“Look, I’ve got a shuttle out here,” Traedon says.

“We can live to fight another day, unless you and your helper want to try and take on a couple hundred Stormtroopers.”

“My helper?”

“Oh my, I forgot!”

“Oh, thank goodness!” T-3PO exclaims.

“I’m no longer in that dreadful battle!”

“Wait… you forgot the rest of me!”

“Come on,” Traedon suggests as he turns back toward his destination.

“The ship’s right here.”

“I’ve decided we will stay with you,” Freelo admits.

“Good. All we gotta do is wait out the Imperials,” Traedon says.

“That’ll give me time to figure out our next move.”

Back inside the complex, Clorri summons her weapon!

“Good,” Vader taunts her.

Her lightsaber then hisses to life!

“I feel the hatred flowing through you!” the Dark Lord says as the young Jedi attempts to strike him down.

“But you are weak…”

“…your connection to the Force is… inadequate.”

Overpowering the young woman, Vader strikes her down!

Meanwhile, Tylin approaches his landing craft only to find several of the escort troops have been killed…

“Baron Gere!” the lone surviving Stormtrooper reports.

“We were ambushed!”

“Why didn’t you report this?”

“They just struck moments ago,” the trooper replies.

“Well, where are they?” Tylin insists.

“Where are the rebels that did this?”

“It was Enloe, Sir! He took off around that corner!”

“I knew it,” Tylin growls.

Find him!”

Just then, the Stormtrooper shoots Tylin’s guard!

As Tylin turns, he can hardly believe his eyes.

“You son of a bitch,” Rykrof says, aiming his blaster directly at his former friend.

“Get on your knees.”

Rykrof!” Tylin gasps.

“This is a terrible misunderstanding… you see…”

“Don’t feed me another sack of lies,” Rykrof snarls, aiming his blaster at Tylin’s forehead.

“Where have you taken Alyssa? And my son?”

“You have about two seconds before I blow your skull to pieces.”

At that moment, a sizzling laser blast strikes Rykrof!

He then falls to the ground, lying motionless.

“Fate has a strange way of working itself out,” Tylin smirks as he regains his footing.

“Rykrof Enloe,” Vader observes as he approaches the shuttle.

“See to it that he survives.”

“But Lord Vader, is that wise?” the Imperial Baron softly objects.

“He’s dangerous. Look what almost happened.”

“He may be my only link to finding the leaders of this Rebel faction,” Vader insists.

“Commander Vlarra,” Vader continues, “have your technicians extract all data from this complex… then burn it to the ground.”

“As you wish, Lord Vader.”

Tylin then watches helplessly as Rykrof is lifted to his feet.

Damn that man,” Tylin groans.

“Fate has a strange way of working itself out, Uncle,” Vlarra Gere sneers.

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