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Unrest has crept into the prison population within the secret Imperial penal colony on Tartaaris.

Imperial Stormtroopers keep a watchful eye for any signs of insurrection…

…as the evil warden has pushed the inmates to the edge of revolt.

In the midst of the desperate situation, Rykrof Enloe attempts to form a daring coalition with the ruler of the last remaining prison gang on the planet.

Deep under the surface, he meets with Atracion.

“Tell me now,” Atracion inquires of Rykrof.

“Educate me as why it is, that a noble hero of the Republic, such as yourself…”

“…was dumped into this pit of defecation with the likes of terrorists and murderers?”

“I wouldn’t put my past on any sort of pedestal,” Rykrof smiles half heartedly as he glances at Atracion’s bodyguard.

“But after the war, I ended up getting tangled up with some rebels…”

“For whatever reason, once I was captured, Darth Vader spared my life…”

“…and I ended up here… with you.”

“You know Darth Vader?” the alien grins, mocking Rykrof’s story.

He then begins to laugh uncontrollably…


“Can I get your autograph?”

“Look… I made a deal that I thought would spare my family, and ended up here…”

“It’s been a tough few years,” Rykrof grimaces.

“…all I want is to get out of here and see my family again.”

“I see… are you a father?” Atracion asks, changing his tone.

“Yes… I have a boy,” Rykrof says sadly.

“Caldin is his name. Good kid… at least he was…”

“Rykrof Enloe, you’re a good man; I can see that,” the gang leader says quietly.

“If there were more people like you, and less scum like me, perhaps hell holes like this would not even exist.”

“Now, before I change my mind… let’s discuss your plan for getting us into the Maker’s complex.”

“There’s a secret way into the base, but our overall tactics will depend on how many able men you have,” Rykrof promptly tells him.

“Our numbers are limited,” Atracion concedes.

“The droids have been more aggressive lately… I’ve lost over a dozen men in the past month alone…”

“…and the supply drops seem to have stopped.”

“It’s almost as if the Maker is daring a revolt,” Rykrof wonders, as doubt begins to creep into his mind.

“This won’t be easy.”

“You can yell me more about this secret entrance into the Imperial complex tonight over dinner,” Atracion proclaims as the two exit the chamber.

“Oh… and if you try and double cross me…”

“I’ll have you beheaded.”

“I see you’ve made a new friend,” K3-95 says sarcastically.

“Cut the chatter,” Rykrof tells the droid.

“I know what I’m doing.”

As dawn breaks, a pair of Stormtroopers patrol the exterior of their command post.

Routine checks have become non-eventful over the years…

…but the Maker has put his troops on yellow alert.

“Keep your eyes open,” the lead officer advises his partner.

“But, I’m sure these prisoners aren’t dumb enough to…”

“…wait,” he pauses.

“Did you hear something?”

Both men reverse their tracks and turn the corner…

…and spot an inmate standing several meters away.

Hey!” the prisoner shouts.

“Can you tell me when the next supply drop’s coming?”

Drop the weapon!” the lead trooper orders him.

Just then, a pair of Atracion’s men emerge from behind the Imperials…

…bringing them to the ground!

The lead officer then spins onto his back and raises his blaster…

…narrowly missing his assailant’s head with a laser blast!

The second trooper is quickly subdued…

…while Rykrof makes short work of the officer.

“That was close,” the Duros prisoner exhales.

“Glad you’re okay,” Rykrof sighs with relief.

“It was worth the risk for this blaster.”

“We might also be able to use their armor…” Rykrof observes as Atracion approaches the group.

“Two down, one hundred to go,” the gang leader growls.

“Well, it’s a start,” Rykrof replies.

“But we better get moving.”

“Indeed… it’s almost time to rendevous with the others.”

Three kilometers to the south, Atracion’s flank team has become delayed.

“This is a suicide mission,” Halri Kidell insists to the others.

“…Atracion has lost his mind.”

“Better watch what you’re saying,” Dra’lusk snaps at the Nikto.

“I’m worried too,” Drite Bulo interjects.

“Something’s not right. We haven’t seen any droids since we left this morning.”

“So what are you saying,” Dra’lusk asks.

That we’re being set up?

“We don’t have time for this,” Helmo Iteris insists.

“…we’re behind schedule.”

The argument is abruptly interrupted by a squad of Stormtroopers!

“Hey, you!” the lead trooper shouts.

All of you! Drop your weapons!

“Oh, damn,” Felisa Gelmeye trembles.

“You’re not authorized to be carrying those blasters,” the trooper insists.

“Drop them.”

“We’re not looking for any trouble,” Dra’lusk tells the Imperials.

“We’re just looking for supplies.”

“You’ve entered a restricted area. Drop the blasters and turn around.”

“What if we traded our weapons for rations?”

“That’s it…”

“…blast them!

A laser burst then rips through Drite’s chest!

No!” Dra’lusk shouts!

Another blast then tears into Felisa!

Run!” Halri bellows as he and Helmo dash past Felisa’s fallen body…

…while Dra’lusk takes off in the opposite direction!

The Stormtroopers then quickly secure the scene of the massacre.

“Sir, they went off in different directions.”

“One of them is headed toward the complex.”

“He won’t make it far before the next patrol finds him,” the officer says.

“Inform Chief Rolem that we’re in pursuit of the other two prisoners…”

“… and that the Maker was right… it’s happening.”

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