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Deep in the Outer Rim, Tartaaris serves as an undisclosed penal colony for former Separatists and other undesirables.

Many innocent beings have suffered immeasurably in the Imperial compound…

…leading one band of prisoners to rise against their oppressors.

Having already taken out a pair of Stormtroopers, the inmates know it won’t be long before the Imperial authorities respond with force.

“How much further?” Atracion growls impatiently.

“Where is this supposed secret entrance into the complex?”

“I’m not quite sure,” K3-95 admits.

“Garlin never provided me with the exact coordinates, but based on my estimates, it should be just up ahead.”

“We have to be getting close,” Rykrof offers.

“Keep your eyes open for signs of a secret doorway… hatch… anything.”

“You told us you knew how to get in,” Lits gnarls.

“Well, it does look like we are nearing something important,” the droid replies, observing the Imperial styled structures.

“Could it be under us?” Rykrof wonders aloud.

“Maybe the winds shifted the sands and covered a doorway?”

“I don’t like this,” Calo says, changing the subject.

“It’s too quiet… we haven’t seen any droids or activity since we took out those troops.”

“He’s right,” Sarlo nods.

“What if we’re walking into a trap? And where’s the flank team?”

“I know,” Rykrof agrees.

“Something’s not right.”

“K3, I think you might need this.”

“Why thank you,” the droid replies, gripping the blaster.

“It has been quite some time since I’ve handled one of these.”

“Just don’t give us any reason to regret giving you one, droid.”

“We need to thin out… we’re too exposed,” Rykrof says to Atracion.

“Drop your weapons,” a metallic voice suddenly orders the group.


“Sir, I would not advise doing anything these mechanical abominations tell us to do.”

For a brief moment, the droids remain frozen…

“We are here to see the Maker,” Rykrof shouts to the sentinel droid.

“Grant us a ship to get off this planet, and we won’t be of any trouble.”

“Terminate them.”

“Destroy… Destroy… Destroy…”

Here they come!

Rykrof ignites his lightsaber as the droids race toward the inmates!


“They’ve got us surrounded!”

A laser blast then rips through Parto’s chest…

…as a pair of Viper droids fire at the group!

“Those probes are going to tear us apart!”

“I’m on it!” Velsa shouts…

…she then moves her aged walker into position…

…blasting the lead droid to pieces!

“Velsa! Behind you!”

But it’s too late as the walker takes a heavy blast…

…crashing to the ground!

The prisoners continue to fight for their lives…

…but the sentinel droid penetrates their position!

Sarlo fires a desperate blast at the menace…

…as a laser blast rips into K3-95!

“Rykrof… I’m… sor…”


A laser blast then strikes Calo!

Rykrof then turns to face the sentinel droid…

…narrowly avoiding a deadly blow!

In desperation, Velsa sprints from the walker…

…but is instantly torn down!

The sentinel begins to lunge for Rykrof…

…but is met with a deep slash across its torso!

Rykrof then spins to face the remaining attackers…

…and finds himself facing the Maker!

“You’re next… WHATEVER you are.”

“You are beaten, Enloe,” the Maker smiles.

“When you first arrived, my orders were to grant you leniency.”

“Surrender your weapons, and only your friends will suffer…”

“…for I will show you …mercy.”

Without warning, a blast of energy slams through the Maker’s cranial dome!

His body then bursts into an electrical convulsion!

Astonished, Rykrof looks into the distance…

…spotting survivors of Atracion’s flank team…

…Halri Kidell and Helmo Iteris!

“Come on!” Rykrof shouts with renewed hope!

The Maker’s DEAD!

Helmo then fires another blast…

…destroying the second Viper droid!

The survivors quickly gather at the scene of the massacre.

“This was a trap,” Atracion growls.

“We could of all been killed.”

“I’m sorry… but if we don’t stand against them, we’re as good as dead,” Rykrof firmly replies.

“No time to argue,” Halri says.

“It won’t be long before the Imperials send the garrison out to finish us off.”

“Chief Rolem will make us suffer.”

“Right,” Rykrof agrees.

“We need to carry on before they have time to react.”

Enloe…” calls the visage of the Maker, now in the body of a different droid!

“What the hell’s going on?”


Another visage then emerges, charging directly at the group!

It quickly leaps onto Lits!

“We have to get out of here!”

Lits is then torn to shreds by the abomination!

Rykrof instinctively turns and runs for his life!

“Get out of here!” Helmo shouts.

With the Maker distracted, Rykrof and the others sprint to the distance…

…as the prisoner sacrifices himself for the group!

Rykrof and the others continue their desperate escape…

“We have to get back to base,” Halri gasps.

“That’s exactly where the Stormtroopers will be waiting for us,” Rykrof argues.

“We go in there.”

“The sewers?” Atracion retorts.

“Are you crazy?”

“The DWELLERS live in there,” Halri warns.

“They’re worse than the Maker’s droids!”

“I don’t like your ideas anymore,” Atracion bellows.

You’re getting everyone killed!

“Then stay out here, and have at it with whatever the hell those things were back there.”

“Those were the Maker,” Sarlo says.

“Whatever he is, we didn’t kill him.”

“We can worry about that later…”

“…but this is where I’m headed.”

“What do we do now?” Sarlo groans.

“We’re out of options,” Atracion concedes.

“Follow the fool.”

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