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The Imperial penal colony on Tartaaris is under duress…

…as a trio of prisoners have disappeared from the watchful eyes of their Imperial oppressors.

Led by Rykrof Enloe, the group traverses the dangerous lair beneath the Imperial complex…

…knowing at any moment, they could be captured by the Empire, or killed by the mysterious underground inhabitants, known as the dwellers.

“We’re not going to get much further,” Atracion warns.

“Those creatures could be anywhere.”

“That’s why we keep moving,” Rykrof tells him.

“Look there,” Sarlo interjects.

“That must lead into the complex…”

“…but I’m not sure we can bust through.”

“Oh,” Rykrof replies as his lightsaber hisses to life, “I think we’ll manage just fine.”

Meanwhile, the Stormtroopers within the Imperial base are on high alert…

…as Chief Rolem inspects the ranks.

“Do you know what’s going on?”

“Riots outside… getting ugly.”

Meanwhile, the Imperial warden entertains several wealthy guests…

…who amuse themselves by placing wagers on the life expectancy of the prisoners outside the complex.

“Marvelous,” Trade Official Rube Goopway chuckles.

“That feisty Abednedo is still alive! I knew he’d make it past the sentinel droid!”

“They’ve never made it this close to the complex barriers,” Chilopada Bimwappo chirps.

“This is distressing!”

“There is nothing to be concerned about,” the Maker assures his guests.

“These riots will pass…”

“…and we will soon locate Rykrof Enloe.”

Outside, prisoners from throughout the penal colony have united..

…and have begun to overwhelm the Imperial patrol units!

What once was isolated to Rykrof’s group has evolved into overwhelming numbers…

…and the Maker’s twisted creations are destroyed!

Few of the riot guards remain…

…as the convicts fight for their freedom…

…however, many are cut down by the Maker’s defense forces!

“Damn!” Chilopada Bimwappo curses.

“I had two thousand credits on that scum!”

“Where could Enloe be?” Imperial Dignitary, Atticus Tiro, wonders aloud.

“I hope he wasn’t killed without us getting to see it!”

“I’m beginning to wonder that myself,” the Maker admits under his breath.

Meanwhile, a laser blast cuts through an Imperial officer inside the base!

“Well, come on!” Rykrof insists to his comrades.

“I never thought we’d actually make this far,” Atracion concedes.

“Neither did I,” Sarlo agrees.

“Just stay close together, and keep your voices down,” Rykrof offers.

“There might be a shuttle we can grab in the docking bay.”

“This wasn’t supposed to happen, was it?” Rube Goopway asks while gazing into holo feed.

“They’ve broken into the complex!”

“This has gotten out of hand!”

The Maker’s vanguard quickly react to the breach…

…but are met with deadly force!

“Kill them all!”

Sensing their first opportunity at freedom in years, the prisoners frantically rush through the complex…

…as the Stormtroopers begin to regroup!

Bewildered droids are caught off guard…

…whilst the battle for the facility ensues!

But the Imperials are organized and better equipped…

…and begin to gain the upper hand!

Little do they know, several dwellers have followed Rykrof…

…and entered the base!

As the battle ensues, the mob of prisoners are slowly taken down one by one.

The troops corner the prisoners…

…showing no mercy!

As realization sets in, many begin to surrender.

“As you can see,” the Maker calmly tells his guests…

“Everything is under control.”

“It appears that way,” Atticus Tiro smiles.

“But what is THAT thing? I’ve never seen such a creature before.”

“What the…”



Panic takes over as several dwellers pounce on the Stormtroopers!

“What are these things?”

“Blast them!”

“There’s too many of them!”

“They’re everywhere!”

Amidst the chaos, Chief Rolem frantically hurries down a corridor…

…and enters the gambling chamber.

“Chief Rolem,” the warden grunts.

“The creatures have gotten inside.”

“I would suggest taking your guests to Sector Four,” the old Imperial offers.

“What? Are we in danger?”

“This is simply a precaution,” the Maker assures him.

“While Chief Rolem’s troops manage this slight impediment to our games.”

Meanwhile, the battle continues…

…as the Maker’s security droids escort his guests to a safe location.

He then stops in his tracks…

…just as a laser blast strikes one of the droids!

“What in the…?”

“…it’s ENLOE!”

Rykrof then fires another shot into the droid!

“This is all his doing! KILL HIM!”

The convicts continue to fire at the Imperials…

…striking the other droid!

Both guardians collapse to the ground…

…right when several dwellers appear!

Rykrof ignites his lightsaber as one of the creatures knocks away his blaster…

…and the others attack the Imperials!

“No!!! Stay away from me!!!”

Slashing through the closest dweller, Rykrof then turns…

…and watches as the Maker is overtaken!

Chief Rolem narrowly escapes the carnage!

“Let’s get out of here!” Sarlo insists.

“It looks clear to the left!” Atracion suggests.

The Maker then succumbs to his fate!

Moments later, Rykrof can barely believe his eyes…

…a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle!

“It’s almost too good to be true!”

“That’s the Maker’s personal ship!”

“Get on board,” Rykrof insists.

“This is our ticket out of here.”

Rykrof then pilots the spacecraft…

…leaving Tartaaris behind!

Back at the complex, the Imperial forces have eliminated the creatures…

…and all remaining prisoners have surrendered.

Chief Rolem then prepares to deliver his report…

…knowing his superiors will be displeased with what has transpired.

Soon, an Imperial Star Destroyer arrives in the system…

…and a flurry of activity surrounds the planet.

Although he is relieved that he won’t have to deliver his update in person, a chill strikes down Chief Rolem’s spine as a hologram begins to materialize in front of him.

“Chief Rolem, you may spare me the specifics of the security breakdown,” Grand Moff Tarkin begins.

“What I want is your assurance that with your promotion to warden, that any and all games pertaining to the prisoners have ended… permanently.”

“Yes, of course,” the new warden insists.

“These unnecessary festivities made the complex vulnerable. Such activities will not be permitted moving forward.”

“I am pleased to hear it,” the grand moff replies.

“Now, I understand there was a shuttle stolen during the incursion. Which prisoners escaped?”

“There were only three of them… I am awaiting verification, but I do not believe any of them are of any importance,” Warden Rolem reports.

“In addition, it’s a marked shuttle. They can’t get far.”

“I see,” Grand Moff Tarkin replies thoughtfully.

“Inform me once you have confirmation of their identities. Lord Vader has requested this information personally.”

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