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Deep within the Outer Rim territories, Dantooine has hosted little activity following the Clone Wars.

Over the grassy plains, a native herbivore seeks fresh vegetation…

…unaware it has been tracked.

Cautiously, an Elom hunter sneaks closer to his prey…

…expecting this kill will sustain him for weeks.

The silence is abruptly broken as a small ship appears above…

…startling the creature!

Frantically, the beast scurries to safety!

Dismayed, the Elom watches helplessly as the ship blasts across the sky.

Moments later, the vessel nears its destination…

…settling on a grassy field.

Kala Mly Shundi them emerges from his ATL Interceptor.

It has been years since he last set foot on this quiet world.

Kala proceeds with caution…

…for he is no longer a welcome guest here.

Soon, he reaches his destination…

…the Den of Omens.

The aging hero takes a deep breath…

…and proceeds forward.

A chill climbs his spine when he enters the cavern…

…as he senses hostility from within the depths of this subterranean lair.

A familiar, venerable down droid then approaches Kala.

“Hello there, Tee-Seven,” Kala smiles.

“I’m here to seek guidance from your masters.”

The droid squawks a curious reply, and promptly turns its back to the Jedi.

“True, but that was a long time ago,” Kala answers while following the robot’s lead.

Kala slows his pace as he nears the chamber…

…where the oracles gaze upon the Jedi.

“Kala Mly Shundi,” skekToo the Seer proclaims.

“Once again you come before us…”

“…but now as an intruder,” Pilos the Oracle hisses.

“Never again! Never shall we submit to the Jedi!”

“I come here in peace,” Kala gently protests.

“As I always have.”

“What is it, Jedi? What is it you want from us?”

“The Empire has taken so much from the galaxy,” Kala laments.

“I need to know…”

“…is there any hope in resisting?”

“Desperate is the optimistic Jedi who once came before us,” skekToo gleefully observes.

“We need a glimmer of hope,” Kala explains.

“Without a spark… the galaxy will succumb to these dark times.”

At that moment, a hazy mist begins to emit from the Cauldron of Eternity.

“The cauldron… it has chosen to communicate…”

“It appears the future holds many possibilities…”

“Some good…”

“…most bad.”

“Powerful enemies will emerge…”

“…some will shape your destiny, Master Jedi.”

Taken aback by the vision, Kala struggles to understand what he is seeing.

The mist then begins to form another vision…

“Great deceptions lie ahead…”

“Sacrifices will be made…”

“Rykrof…” Kala whispers.

“He’s alive…?”

“…and who could this be… hhmmmmmmmm?”

“A person of great interest in the future.”

“A unifier… yet a divider.”

“What is THIS?” Pilos shudders as an eye forms in the cauldron!

“We’ve been exposed!”

“The Dark Lord of the Sith sees all!”

“These visions are over!” Pilos exclaims.

“You should never have returned!”

“In no way did I intend to put you in danger,” Kala reminds the oracles.

“I will be on my way.”

Kala swiftly exits the chamber.

“Leave this planet without delay!” Pilos warns the Jedi.


Unsettled by what has transpired, Kala heads toward the cave’s entrance…

…but takes comfort in learning Rykrof Enloe is somehow alive.

If he can find Rykrof, he believes this could be the spark needed to rally the Emperor’s enemies.

As Kala contemplates his next move, he stumbles upon an unexpected situation…

“This isn’t your day, Jedi!” a scar ridden thug laughs.

“The Empire will pay handsomely for your head!”

“Drop the lightsaber.”

“Don’t make me do this,” Kala says while igniting his blade…

…as a trio of Klatooinian thugs unveil their weapons!


Summoning the Force, Kala throws one Klatooinian to the ground…

…and slashes through another!

Within moments, another of the hired thugs is defeated…

…as the bounty hunter watches in horror.


Kala then turns to the leader of the group…

…who desperately blasts at his target!

The skilled Jedi deflects the blast…

…before killing the assassin!

His body slumps to the ground…

…and the threat is over.

Dismayed by these developments, Kala quickly flees the planet.

Soon, an Imperial presence arrives on Dantooine…

…and Tee-Seven watches helplessly as a sinister figure enters the Den of the Omens.

“…Lord Vader… we have been expecting you.”

Please, let us explain! We are faithful servants of the Empire!”


Outside the cavern, a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers await their orders.

“The traitors have been dealt with,” Darth Vader informs his troops.

Incinerate what is left of this place.”

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