The Photonovel Alliance

In the abandoned, manufacturing section of Coruscant known as The Works, Count Dooku arrives for a special meeting.


Count Dooku: Remain here.

Count Dooku: Everything went as planned, My Lord.

Darth Sidious: Very good, Lord Tyranus.

Darth Sidious: I trust your mission was a success.

Count Dooku: Indeed. The young Skywalker was overwhelmed with anger. His fear of being discovered with the young Senator from Naboo fueled his attack. He is as powerful as you have foreseen.

Darth Sidious: You have done well, my apprentice. Skywalker could become a powerful ally. But we must be patient. His time will come.

Count Dooku: As you wish.

Darth Sidious: For now, we have more urgent matters to attend to. You must travel to the Oner system.

Darth Sidious: There, you will meet a warrior of great interest to us. His skills as a fighter could become a tremendous asset. But his story is just as important.

Darth Sidious: His name is Sagev. A cunning warrior, he has been exiled from his home planet. Revenge is his only purpose now…which should make him the perfect ally.

Darth Sidious: But be mindful, Lord Tyranus. He is not to be trusted. What he says may be of more value to us than what he does.

Count Dooku: I understand, My Master.

Darth Sidious: Move quickly. The Jedi have begun their search for you and General Grievous. They are relentless.

Count Dooku: I shall rendezvous with the General immediately. We will make contact with this warrior, My Lord.

Darth Sidious: Your ship awaits, Lord Tyranus.

Darth Sidious: Remain here until Lord Tyranus has departed.

Darth Sidious: Destroy any evidence of this encounter.

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