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Despite the ongoing War and recent developments on Oner, rumors of a secret cloning facility on Coruscant are running rampant not only among concerned Senators, but ordinary citizens fearful of the new brand of justice enforced by the 501st Legion.


Senator Meena Tills: The 501st Clones were simply doing their job, Bail. We should consider that before we suggest they be reprimanded to the Chancellor.

Senator Bail Organa: I understand your concern, Meena.


Senator Bail Organa: However, if the 501st is allowed to operate without any supervision, incidents like what happened to the Rodian at Spaceport will continue unchallenged. It will only be a matter of time until we find ourselves in an intergalactic scandal due their brand of “peace keeping.”

Senator Meena Tills: I agree limits to their power must be declared, but not at the expense of the Capital’s security. We must protect the Senate and the Chancellor.

Senator Bail Organa: I’ll be sure to voice your concerns to the Chancellor. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for my appointment. I bid you both a good day.

Senator Bail Organa: (thinking) Great…more security…

Shocktrooper Oir: We have a visitor, Commander.

Commander Thire: May I see your identification.

Senator Bail Organa: I have an appointment with the Chancellor. I’m Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan. Surely you have my name on his itinerary.

Commander Thire: The Chancellor’s schedule is confidential. Let me see your identi—— is that a blaster underneath your cloak, sir???

Senator Bail Organa: A blaster? Oh, yes, it is. I forgot to —

Commander Thire: Don’t move! Hands up!

Senator Bail Organa: Whoa!! Calm down…calm down…

Commander Thire: Hand over your blaster and identification. NOW, SIR!!!

Senator Bail Organa: N-N-No problem……here you go…nice and easy……

Commander Thire: Does he have a code clearance?

Shocktrooper Oir: Yes, Commander. Senator Organa is on today’s approved list of guests. He is ten minutes late.

Commander Thire: You are free to proceed, Senator. We are confiscating your blaster, however.

Senator Bail Organa: Of course……

Senator Bail Organa: (thinking) Welcome to the new Republic……

Shocktrooper Oir: His blaster wasn’t charged, sir.

Commander Thire: No matter……keep an eye on him.

Mas Amedda: Welcome, Senator Organa. The Chancellor has been expecting you.

Senator Bail Organa: I was……delayed unexpectedly.

Chancellor Palpatine: Senator Organa…so good to see you again.

Senator Bail Organa: My apologies for my lateness, Chancellor.

Chancellor Palpatine: Oh, think nothing of it. I always look forward to our conversations. I hope the Security Clones weren’t too bothersome.

Senator Bail Organa: Well, the security has definitely tightened around here, Chancellor.

Chancellor Palpatine: Yes, an unfortunate sacrifice during these stressful times.

Chancellor Palpatine: But don’ forget, it was your fellow Senators that decreed I be accompanied at all times by either the Homeland Security Clones or the Royal Guards.

Senator Bail Organa: Actually, that was the reason I wanted to speak with you privately, Chancellor. There is a growing concern among both Senators and our constituents regarding the limitless power of the Galactic Security.

Chancellor Palpatine: Oh? Are you referring to the incidents at Dex’s Diner and at the Spaceport?

Senator Bail Organa: Well…yes, I am. Both incidents have quickly earned the 501st a reputation of a “shoot first, ask questions later” security team.

Chancellor Palpatine: I was informed the explosion at Dex’s Diner was the result of a gas leak, which obviously had nothing to do with the 501st. As for the Rodian at the Spaceport, that was a regrettable incident. The Rodian matched the description of a suspected terrorist named Greedo. However, we are taking corrective steps to prevent such an occurrence from happening again.

Senator Bail Organa: Well, Chancellor, if I may be so bold……it will be difficult to judge whether or not the Clones have acted improperly if there are no written laws to judge them by. We need someone to oversee their day-to-day operations…someone who is not a Clone.

Chancellor Palpatine: Oh, I agree, Senator. That was the reason I requested a Jedi be assigned to command the 501st.

Chancellor Palpatine: Unfortunately, the Jedi Council has ignored my requests. The War has the Council spread across the galaxy. Until they reconvene, the Republic’s security will be in the hands of the 501st Legion. They are more than capable of handling the responsibility, I assure you.

Chancellor Palpatine: You have my word, as Chancellor, that the incidents in question will be investigated fully. And the results will be made public.

Senator Bail Organa: I’m sure that will go a long way in restoring trust in the 501st.

Senator Bail Organa: However, there is another matter I wish to speak to you about…a matter of some delicacy.

Chancellor Palpatine: Go on, Senator.

Senator Bail Organa: There have been several reports on the HoloNet about a secret cloning facility right here on Coruscant. According to these reports, Taun We herself is in charge of the facility and continues to operate it without prior approval from the Senate.

Chancellor Palpatine: I have also seen these reports. Trust me when I say that the reports are just speculation without any basis in fact. The Kaminoans are under strict orders to contact the Senate regarding any matters with the Clone Army.

Chancellor Palpatine: If there were a cloning facility on Coruscant, my office would be aware of it. But as you know……the Senate would first have to approve of such a facility.

Senate Bail Organa: Yes, of course. I believe that is the reason for the concern, if the reports were true. There has been no mention of such a proposal to this point.

Chancellor Palpatine: I will recommend a commission be created to ascertain the truth. We will discover the source of these reports immediately.

Senator Bail Organa: Thank you, Chancellor. I will pass that information along.

Senator Bail Organa: My compliments to you for this fine piece of artwork. Is it new?

Chancellor Palpatine: No, this crystal was a gift to the Republic from the people of Oner many years ago. A token of appreciation for the rebuilding efforts of their homeland. They were truly artists, don’t you think?

Chancellor Palpatine: I felt it was appropriate to display the sculpture during the current campaign. This sculpture now stands as a memorial to the fallen people of Oner.

Senator Bail Organa: A very nice gesture, Chancellor. I thank you for your time.

Chancellor Palpatine: Always a pleasure to hear from you, Senator. Only working together can we bring peace and security to the Republic.

Mas Amedda: I trust your meeting was informative, Chancellor?

Chancellor Palpatine: Indeed……

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