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Unknown to Senator Bail Organa and the rest of the Senate, the rumored Cloning Facility on Coruscant, codename Perfidy, continues to operate deep under the planet’s surface, in a secret bunker whose location is only known to a select few.


Taun We: That concludes today’s session. We will continue tomorrow. Please resume your security patrols.

Trooper Hades: Thank you, Taun We.


Taun We: And now back to work…

Door slides open

Taun We: Hades, is that you? We will continue the training tomorrow—

Commander Appo: Taun We — your services are no longer necessary. Consider this job terminated.

Taun We: I’m in charge of this cloning facility, not the Republic.

Commander Appo: Not anymore…

Tuan We: Noooo!!!

Commander Appo: Blast her!!!

Laser blasts!!!

Commander Appo: Target has been eliminated.

Trooper Hades: Did you hear something?

Trooper Crimson: Negative.

At the same time, a secret transmission is being sent from The Works on Coruscant…

Darth Sidious: How goes the War, Lord Tyranus?

Count Dooku: Very good, My Lord. We have acquired several new systems during the Outer Rim sieges, including some without firing a single shot.

Darth Sidious: Excellent. Where are the Separatist leaders now?

Count Dooku: They have been moved to Cato Nemodia for the time being. Viceroy Gunray preferred to be a safe distance away from the action, of course.

Darth Sidious: And the battle on Oner?

Count Dooku: The battle is on schedule. The young Utapaun warrior is proving to be very……useful.

Count Dooku: Commander OOM-12 has the Clone Army on the run. It will not be long until we secure a victory.

Count Dooku: We are also tracking several Jedi that arrived with the Clone Army, no doubt to reclaim Master Tiin.

Darth Sidious: You have done well, Lord Tyrannus. But be mindful. The Jedi are not to be underestimated.

Count Dooku: Then, do I have your approval to proceed with the final part of our plan, Master?

Darth Sidious: Yes…the time has come.

Shade: (thinking)……he’s here……finally……

Darth Sidious: Inform General Grievous that he may begin eliminating the Jedi……beginning with Master Tiin.

Count Dooku: Yes, my Master.

Darth Sidious: Except for Kenobi and Skywalker. You must deal with them personally.

Count Dooku: Finally the time has come for young Skywalker. His destiny lies with me.

Darth Sidious: We will deal with Skywalker in due time.

Count Dooku: Forgive me, Lord Sidious. Your orders then?

Shade: (thinking)……it IS him……THE Darth Sidious……

Darth Sidious: Eliminate Obi-Wan Kenobi. His death will be the first step towards securing Skywalker’s fate.

Count Dooku: It will be done, my Lord.

Darth Sidious: All loose ends on Coruscant have been……taken care of. Everything is going as I have foreseen.

Darth Sidious: The time for illusions is over.

Count Dooku: As is the reign of the Jedi Order.

Shade: (thinking)…no time to wait for slow-footed Jedi……have to act now……

Shade: (thinking)……time to end this War……once and for all……FOR THE REPUBLIC!!!

Laser blasts!

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