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As the Battle of Oner continues to rage, the 212th Battalion begins to focus their attack on the Droid Barracks, hoping a victory awaits them.


Anakin Skywalker: How many battle droids have we destroyed so far, Master?

Obi-Wan Kenobi: I’ve lost count. It doesn’t make sense - why would the Separatists amass such a large army on an empty planet?


Clone Trooper Kyde: General Kenobi!

Clone Trooper Kyde: Commander Cody has successfully engaged the target. He has requested permission to begin the full assault on the Barracks.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Very good, Kyde. Have Cody issue the order and we will meet you there.

Anakin Skywalker: The tide of the battle has now shifted to our side.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: I hope your right, Anakin. But don’t get too confident. One can never underestimate Count Dooku. I’m sure he has something in store for us.

Meanwhile, back on the battlefield…

Battle Droid 781C: Republic forces have surrounded the Barracks.

Clone Trooper Agal: We got new orders from Commander Cody! All squads…CHARGE!

Clone Troopers: Storm the Barracks!

Battle Droid 781C: Open fire!

Droid Commander OOM-12: Primary units……defend the Barracks.

Droid Commander OOM-12: Secondary units……encircle the Clone Army……commence the second-tier assault.

Count Dooku: Status report, Commander.

Droid Commander OOM-12: The Clone Army is concentrated around the Barracks, sir. Our secondary units are now in place to begin a second assault from behind the Clone Army. Victory is inevitable.

Count Dooku: Excellent. Keep the Clone Army focused on the Barracks. Leave the rest to me.

Clone Trooper Yerl: We got them pinned down! Move in!

The 212th Battalion presses forward the attack in a final attempt to overrun the barracks.

Meanwhile, two droidekas disengage behind the Clones…

…and fire their weapons, catching the unsuspecting Clones off guard.

Clone Trooper Qurl: AAHHHH!!

Clone Trooper Qurl over internal comlink: Droid…reinforcements……came from……behind———

Clone Trooper Agal: Repeat……from behind?……repeat last transmission…

Another squad of battle droids appears behind Agal’s squad.

Battle Droid 943X: Open fire!

Clone Trooper Agal: Repeat last transmiss——battle droids! Cover fire to the rear!

Clone Trooper Nicklin: Need a defensive position—UUGGHHH!

Super Battle Droid X18A: Take no prisioners.


Clone Trooper Kyde over comlink: I have a visual on an unknown subject……approaching a generator of some sort……

Clone Trooper Kyde over comlink: ……matches the description of the mystery warrior encountered by General Kenobi & Skywalker.

Anakin Skywalker: Do not engage the target, trooper! Repeat, do not engage! He is considered armed and dangerous!

Count Dooku: What is that sound……a speeder bike?

Sagev: Why was the call made to return to the Barracks? Our primary concern should be the power——

Count Dooku: YOU FOOL!

Suddenly, an invisible force knocks Sagev to the ground while toppling the speeder bike.

Sagev: Ugh…

Clone Trooper Kyde: Heeeeyy—

Count Dooku: What do we have here……

Count Dooku: …a member of the famed 212th Battalion?

Clone Trooper Kyde: Count…Dooku?!

Clone Trooper Kyde: …but…this isn’t the barracks…

Count Dooku: Very observant. Unfortunately, you will not be sharing that information with your Battalion.

Count Dooku raises his saber and ends the life of the Clone trooper with a single stroke.

Count Dooku: You were ordered to return to the Barracks……not here.

Sagev: I do not take orders from a droid. The power generator must be protected. The droids cannot —

Count Dooku: —function without it. Yes, I know. But your incompetence will now lead the Republic’s forces here, instead of the Barracks. We must now prepare for their arrival.

Count Dooku: I do not look kindly upon mistakes, Sagev. You would be wise to remember that.

Meanwhile, near the Barracks…

Clone Trooper Ezar: Can you make out any of those reports from the other squads?

Clone Trooper Werth: Negative. Too much interference!

Clone Trooper Ezar: There were several reports of the droids attacking from behind the other squads.

Clone Trooper Werth: Impossible! We have them surrounded at the Barracks!

Suddenly and without warning, the secondary ring of battle droids appears and quickly begin firing into the squad.

Clone Trooper Ezar: —aaahhhhh!

Clone Trooper Gertz: We are taking heavy fire from a secondary ring of droids! They’re attacking from behind our line!

Clone Trooper Gertz over comlink: ……repeat……behind our line!……we’re surrounded!

Commander Cody: (thinking) Have to hurry…

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