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29 ABY-Ilum

The Queen of the planet Ilum is meeting with the Imperial Remnant to plan the attack of the Yuuzhan Vong…

…because her soldiers have already fought many months and cannot take much more combat

“General Joedi, the Vong and their comrades, the Red Knights of Life, are dug in in the mountains.” The Queen tells the general, “My men have pushed them back but we need you to deliver the finishing blow.”

“Do not worry my Lady, my men shall destroy the Vong and the Red Knights with little effort.” Joedi states in his cool, calculating voice.

“Thank you General. I am so grateful for you and your men’s efforts”

“No Thanks are necessary Mi’lady”

Joedi pulls his young Captain Titus to the side to give him his orders, “Captain, I want you to lead the charge to the mountains.” Joedi tells Captain Titus Kurn, “You will recieve hard resistance, but I am confident in your abilities.

”I will not let you down sir.“ Captain Titus says with unwaivering confidence.

Meanwhile, Private Cander talks to Warrant Officer Korwin.”Hey Chief, what is up with the guy over there? I mean we didn’t get any cold weather gear, but he doesn’t even have sleeves!

“He is one of those special forces soldiers. Maybe you should ask him yourself.” Korwin reamrks sarcastically.

“Aren’t you freezing right now?” Cander asks.

“I am trained to withstand any conditions in any circumstances.” The special forces soldier states.

“Do you have a name?” Cander asks again

“Your a curious bastard aren’t you? Just call me Drex and we will be fine.”

“Sir, how do you think this assult is going to be effective?” Korwin asks his captain. “I got a bad feeling about this.”

“I know, I know.” Captain Titus says wearily, “We are just going to have keep pushing and not let up.”

After a couple of hours preparing, Captain Titus gives his men a speech.

“Men, we have a big task before us, but we can do it. We can liberate these people, we can liberate this planet, and we can liberate the galaxy once and for all!”

“For the Galaxy!”

For many of the men climbing out of the trench…

…this will be their last charge.

Almost instantly, the men are under fire by none other than the…

…Yuuzhan Vong and the Red Knights of Life!

Although they have lost the war, they are determined to not give up without killing as many troops as possible.

The soldiers find cover by a downed X-Wing and hold their ground while the assault has stalled.

“We can’t stay stalled for long; we won’t win this fight!” Korwin yells out.

Further down the battlefield, Private Cander is pinned down.

A Yuuzhan Vong peers over the wreckage…

The Yuuzhan Vong warrior lets out a warrior as he attacks the helpless soldier.

“Oh no!!!” Cander screams with his last breath.

Many troopers lie wounded and helpless…

…the planet’s medics try to treat the wounded, but things go south for Ilum.

The assault force continues to be stalled as they defende themselves from hordes of attackers.

“Come on we have to attack now!” Captain Titus screams.

Just then, A Yuuzhan Vong warrior hits Korwin with his organic club and knocks him unconscious.

“Captain! Get out of here!” Drex yells before being captured by the warrior.

“NO!” the young captain yells as he suffers the same fate.

Drex and Titus are helpless captives as it appears all is lost.

“You have lost” The Yuuzhan Vong slithers in his snake-like voice, “All of you, along with this planet will suffer.”

“You will die just like him.” The head of Private cander rolls on the icy surface of the planet.

“And now you shall die”

Just then a lightsaber pierces the Vong warrior right through his chest!

“The calvary has arrived!” Jedi Master Kyle Katarn exclaims.

A republic gunship lands and Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and Jedi knights Jacen and Jaina Solo ignite their lightsabers and attack!

Jaina and Jacen cut down the Red Knights of Life captors and free Drex and Titus.

As the Jedi fight back the enemy, soon there is only one Yuuzhan Vong warrior left…

“Jeedi…” The Yuuzhan Vong roars.

“Give up, the battle is lost.” Luke calmly tells the warrior hoping of convincing him to surrender.

The warrior attack the Jedi master and Luke blocks the attack easily slicing the staff in two!

Luke gives the final strike, ending the last warrior’s life.

“So it is finally over.” Luke says with much relief.

Jaina and Jacen try to heal the wary soldiers of their wounds.

“Hey. Maybe after all this is over, we should go to Naboo. I know the perfect place…”

“Easy there flyboy. First your going to need treatment from the doctors here before we can do that.” Jaina says sarcastically to Drex, shooting the wounded warrior down.

“Your Jacen Solo. Your the hero of the Battle of Coruscant”

“I am no hero.” Jacen tells the captain as he slips out of consciousness.

After the victorious battle, the leaders come together.

“My lady, your planet is safe, and now the conflict is finally over.” Luke says with a warm smile.

“Thank you master jedi skywalker.” The Queen says thankfully, “Ilum will forever be in the Jedi’s debt. Let us hope the galaxy will now have many years of peace.”

A few hours later on a republic alliance frigate escort…

…Jacen is working on a Astromech droid-someting he rarely does.

Working on droids helps me remember Anakin” Jacen thinks to himself.

“This is hardly something I would not expect from a hero!” Luke exclaims.

“Uncle Luke!” A surprised Jacen says, “I am no hero… Anakin and Chewbacca are heroes.”

“But Jacen you are a hero, and so are Chewbacca and Anakin, but many people in the galaxy will see you as a hero and so will the Jedi Order.”

“But Uncle Luke… I realized there are things about the force that the Jedi order doesn’t know about that need to be discovered…I want to find them.”

“Well Jacen, trust in the force, and the path will open up to you…”


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