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Meanwhile, in the caves of the Murul Trench…


Professors Aristote and Palpatine survey the situation as a crew of excavation droids works to clear a path.

“According to these readings Professor, the ancient Sith chamber is right behind this façade.” Palpatine informs Aristote.

“If the chamber contains what we believe it to contain, it will revolutionize the galaxy’s understanding of The Force.” proclaims Aristote.

As the droids finish drilling through the cave wall, the professors peer into the exposed chamber…

“We have found it Professor!” exclaims Palpatine as he and Aristote look upon the legendary SITH HOLOCRON.

As the Sith wars raged one millennium ago, the great Lords hid the source of their power…

Which has remained hidden deep under the oceans of Dac since the Sith’s extinction shortly thereafter… until now.

As the archaeologists savor their prize on Dac, the Jedi Council is in session on Coruscant…

“Queen Seiya has requested our assistance in conducting the investigation.” Master Dooku reports via holographic transmission.

“Resolve this situation peacefully, we must.” insists Master Yoda.

“Will you require any additional assistance?” inquires Master Plo Koon, having just returned from a mission of his own.

“We can send fifty knights to help prevent more attacks as you gather intelligence” he continues.

“I’m afraid the Queen has specifically requested a very light Jedi presence.” replies Master Dooku.

“Handle this, Sifo-Dyas will,” concludes Yoda “May The Force be with you.”

As the naval cruiser begins its long journey back to Coruscant…

Sifo-Dyas is informed of the Council’s decision by Master Dooku.

“I will report back when I’ve made progress Master.”

“Very Well.” Dooku replies, before adding “Meanwhile Master Yoda has ordered me to Dantooine, I am to collect additional indulgences from the faithful… again.”

Sifo-Dyas then departs the cruiser’s hangar in an Aethersprite class starship to return to Dac.

“Land on platform four-two-zero R4.” he orders his astromech droid.

After navigating through the stormy atmosphere…

The ship lands and Sifo-Dyas begins his mission.

Guided by The Force, he makes his way to the city of Aqualan…

Hoping to gain insight into the identities of the Quarren perpetrators, the Jedi Knight heads to the business district to seek out Representative Breetai.

Upon meeting Breetai, Sifo-Dyas begins “You’ve got a serious problem on your hands, Representative.”

“Things will only get worse and worse for your people as long as they continue to use terror to advance their cause.”

Representative Breetai replies “I will take you to see the conditions under which my people are living in Master Jedi, perhaps then you will understand.”

The densely populated slums outside the wealthy center of town are a site of spectacular poverty.

Rune Haako, the coordinator of a crew of Neimoidian aid workers delivering food and medicines to the local population, greets the Jedi Knight and Representative Breetai.

Sifo-Dyas asks the aid coordinator “Do you have any information regarding the men who carried out the terror attacks?”

“These females have all been widowed Master Jedi, they’ve been left to raise their squidlings all by themselves.” says Coordinator Haako.

With tears in her eyes, one of the females tells Sifo-Dyas “My husband said goodbye to me this morning, I fear he will sacrifice himself like my sisters’ husbands have.”

“Perhaps it’s not too late for him Madam, do you have any idea where he was headed?” he asks.

“He works at the salvage yard nearby, maybe he stopped there,” she says.

At that moment, an aggressive Quarren accosts the Jedi “This is not your business, outlander — it is the only way we have of being heard!”

Sifo-Dyas then makes use of a Jedi mind trick to defuse the angry Quarren.

In a daze, the Quarren listens to the Jedi Knight’s suggestions.

Sifo-Dyas says “Let go of your anger, it is counter-productive.”

Representative Breetai then interrupts and says “Maybe you should head to the salvage yard now, Master Jedi.”

Sifo-Dyas wanders the streets to arrive at the missing Quarren’s salvage yard.

“Welcome to Sankord & Son, what can I do you for?” greets the salvage yard attendant.

“I’m looking for Balaba Makkes’ husband, have you seen him?” asks Sifo-Dyas.

“Ah yes, he came to pick up a package he had left here, I think he went to the trading district.” replies the shopkeeper.

“Thank you kind sir, I must go find him.”

After making his way to the trading district…

Sifo-Dyas scours the busy streets for trouble.

He suddenly spots a Quarren holding a thermal detonator, which has already been activated…

As the Quarren continues to hold down the detonator, continuing the countdown to destruction…

Sifo-Dyas orders “Stop! Let the device go!”

As the Quarren releases a rebel yell, Sifo-Dyas rapidly ignites his light saber…

and separates the Quarren from his hand, stopping the device’s countdown.

“You’re going to talk squid-face, and you’re going to talk now!” threatens Sifo-Dyas.

“You’re going to lead me to where you got this explosive,” he demands.

After having gotten his information, Sifo-Dyas reassures the citizens to carry on.

Meanwhile, professors Palpatine and Aristote are discussing their cargo on board the naval cruiser…

“The Jedi shall like to study the Holocron with us, I imagine.” Professor Aristote proposes.

“That may not be the wisest idea, if I may say so Professor.” replies Palpatine.

“The Jedi are very secretive and may confiscate it altogether,” he warns.

“We should study it independently before informing them of our possession of this artifact.”

“A prudent measure, Professor.” agrees Aristote.

“We shall take the Holocron to my private offices for study, together we will discover the lost secrets of the Sith.” he concludes.

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