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The Nockudumey Terrorists had formed a new base on Nar Shaada, a smugglers’ moon. To reorganize the organization, Bodotor Thuvat held a council with the other leaders.

“The Republic is continually getting weaker under Count Dooku’s assaults. Eventually the two sides are going to destroy each other, and finally, when the Clone Wars are at an end, we shall take over.”

“Is it really control that we’re after?” his assisstant, Dem Nozah, asked. “Or what we started with: assassination?”

“Yes, but to do such a thing requires control.”

Mecupa, a large being of an unknown species and the replacement of Konot’tak Malus who had died on Mithus, said his opinion next. “I disagree with you, Bodotor. Assassinations are done in secret. Galactic domination is not the right idea of secret.”

“A good point,” Bodotor answered, “but how else do we get into high-security records and files?”

“For now, the Separatists. I believe that whatever we do right now should be kept extremely secretive… …especially with N.A.R.F.’s disappearance,” said a H’nemthe.

“N.A.R.F. will be dealt with by hand,” Mecupa growled.

“What of the Drewton case?” a droid named CZ-15 questioned. The business droid had a mysterious interest in Tarisian and Raymus Drewton.

“Progressing. A grave statement, however: D2 eliminated our Trandoshan friend on Getato.”

“Grave indeed,” Dem Nozah said. “And he never finished those negotiations with the Noghri…”

“Yes, it would have helped us greatly,” Thuvat answered, “but in the present, I would like to know more of Count Dooku’s ‘Sith Master’.”

Meanwhile, in the Works on Coruscant…

Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith, was pleased with Dooku’s latest report. “The conquest of Gukvrak went well indeed, my apprentice. And do you sense any hostility from the Nockudumey?”

Count Dooku looked away slowly. “Not yet. But I have heard from them about communications with an alien species called ‘Noghri’. This was revealed by Omega Source.”

“Interesting. Try to find more of this, Lord Tyranus.”

For a moment, the Sith title of ’Lord Tyranus’ suprised Dooku as if he’d never heard it before.

It had been ten years since Dooku’s fall to the Dark Side and first meeting of Darth Sidious. Remembering once again, he strangely regretted it slightly.

On the now-Separatist world of Gukvrak, the Drewtons and the Clone Army with them prepared to leave after a defeat.

Commander Kelda, a Clone Commander who had become a friend of the Drewtons, stepped toward Lieutenant Tarisian. “Final death count is two hundred two-three, Lieutenant.”

“It’s not the worst we’ve had so far, at least,” Tarisian answered. “Alright, please contact Chancellor Palpatine and tell him that I have extremely important information.”

“Are you giving it to Palpatine?” Raymus asked him when Kelda had left. The it was a mystery to the other soldiers.

“I’m not sure yet,” answered Tarisian, pondering. “Either to Palpatine or the Jedi Council. But you may already be pondering what I’m pondering.”

Thousands of lightyears away, Commander and Former Peace Keeper Kyle Krenis interrogated Daklif Ordo, the Mandalorian found by the Drewtons.

“What were you doing before the war?” Kyle asked him.

“Nothing that you would consider important. You’re not a clone either, like Tarisian and Raymus Drewton.”

“Yes… …what do you know of them?”

“I met them on Kamino.”

“Again, I’m asking you: what did you do before the war?”

There was a pause before Daklif answered. “I worked on Dantooine.”

Dantooine - the planet where Tarisian and Raymus had been castaways on a decade ago. “What were you doing there?” Kyle asked suspiciously.

“I flew ships. I made no money, though.”

“Did you know that Tarisian and Raymus Drewton were castaways there?”

There was another short pause. “No.”

“What did you do earlier in your life?”

“I’m fighting for you, Commander,” Daklif replied sharply. “Don’t make me alter the decision.”

“Don’t make me have you imprisoned.”

“Perhaps it would be better if you let me go.”

“Actually, I do believe that you are a valuable asset in this war. I’m letting you go. And now you can’t fight out.”

Daklif said nothing, but was surprised by how quick the decision had been.

Turning to the guarding clone trooper beside him, Kyle commanded: “He may leave.”

On the same planet, in the Office of the Supreme Chancellor…

As Palpatine started at a small-scale hologram of a circular planet-sized weapon, Mas Amedda said: “Lieutenant Drewton requests communication with you, my lord.”

“Did he say what it was about?” Palpatine asked, turning away from the holographic image.

“It was implied that it was urgent.”

“Very well. Ask for him to come in-person instead.”

“As you wish.”

The next day, Tarisian and Raymus boarded an Acclamator-class Star Destroyer which took them to Coruscant.

As the Star Destroyer landed, Tarisian wondered why Palpatine had asked him to come half way across the galaxy to talk with him instead of talking via holograph. But while travelling he had decided to show the ’it’ to Palpatine instead of the Jedi Council.

Later in the afternoon, Raymus visited the Jedi Council to talk to Obi-Wan. He had conferred with Council Members many times lately.

“No, don’t worry,” Obi-Wan said. “I won’t tell anyone about it, or let your brother know that you told me.”

“Thank you. I hope that Palpatine eventually shows it to Yoda. It could prove the existance of the ‘Darth Sidious’.”

It was at night when Tarisian entered the Galactic Senate to speak to Palpatine. Dular, the Jedi Knight which the Drewtons met on Getato, was strangely worried.

“I sense worry, with you as its source,” said Idnum-Ki, the rescuer of the Drewtons.

“I am worried of what Palpatine may tell him,” Dular answered. “Palpatine…corrupts.”

“Corruption? ‘Corruption’ is influence. It is an over-used term.”

“Corruption isn’t just influence.”

“You’re right. Ones calls influence ‘corruption’ when they disagree with it or dislike it.”

“Or when it’s wrong.”

“Wrong? I am sure that Palpatine means no harm.”

“Perhaps. But Palpatine himself is corrupted.”

“Is he?” Idnum-Ki questioned. “He simply has the wrong kind of ideas at times.”

“I have tried to sense his thoughts many times, and they are clouded by stress. Too much of it.”

“Ah, I see that you are starting to use the Force again.”

“My connection is slowly being restored. But I have experienced…urges to use the Dark Side.”

“Use whatever necessary, Dular,” Idnum counciled.

Dular was surprised by the advice coming from a Jedi Master. He thought it made sense, but he still had a bad feeling about it.


“Supreme Chancellor,” said Tarisian.

“Ah, yes! Thank you for coming, Lieutenant. Now, why did you want to talk to me?”

“On Gukvrak, I discovered a Sith holocron.”

Palpatine seemed to suddenly stand up more. “You didn’t view it, did you?”

“N-no,” said Tarisian, suprised at how Palpatine had changed. “I didn’t think I should know much about it.”

“A wise decision - thank you, Tarisian.”

“Should it be shown to Master Yoda?”

“Perhaps, but I know someone else who would be interested. He’s somewhat of a…fanatic.”

Tarisian nodded. “I thought it would help identifying ‘Darth Sidious’.”

“So that rumor has reached you as well?”

“The Jedi Council informed my brother Raymus.”

“I think that this ‘Darth Sidious’ is merely a myth created by Count Dooku.”

“My Master believes him,” Jedi Anakin Skywalker said suddenly, who had been silent previously.

Palpatine smiled at him. “Dooku uses treachery and deceit, my boy. He easily decieves others.”

“I wouldn’t throw out the idea, though,” Tarisian said.

“Chancellor, may I see the holocron?” Skywalker asked.

“I am afraid that you may not be ready for such a thing,” said Palpatine, smiling again.

And then, turning back to Tarisian again, Palpatine said: “I also have news of the Nockudumey. It may be of small assistance, but Bodotor Thuvat and Dem Nozah have recently been seen on Manaan, Korriban, and Dantooine.”

Tarisian wondered what importance the planets would have to the Nockudumey.

Waiting bored for his brother in the Senate building, Raymus Drewton quickly spotted Governor Tarkin and Kyle Krenis talking to a blue hologram of a humanoid. The being in the hologram seemed to have no pupils, which was the only visible difference of him from a human, for the colour of his skin was impossible to tell with the hologram being completely blue.

After hearing only a few words, Raymus stepped away, not knowing if he was supposed to be seeing it, and if he wasn’t, he didn’t want anyone to know that he had.

After another half-hour, Tarisian finally exited the Chancellor’s Office.

“What happened?” Raymus asked him.

“Well… …I didn’t really have a good feeling about it,” Tarisian answered tersely.

Tarisian later researched the planets which Palpatine had told him the Nockudumey had been spotted on: Manaan, Korriban, and Dantooine.

Manaan was a water-world which was originally controlled by the Republic because of its kolto, a healing juice. The Republic, however, had given up its control of the planet when the kolto was replaced with bacta.

Korriban was a graveyard, a bare planet which hosted many Sith tombs, and also a Sith Academy four thousand years before.

Dantooine was the planet which he had been castaway on. He didn’t find very much more besides what he already knew about it.

But Darth Revan, a Sith Lord who lived four thousand years ago, had visited each planet. Tarisian then thought that Count Dooku might possibly have sent to them to search for things left behind by Revan, although he didn’t know why he’d just have terrorists do it.

Making a note to ask Palpatine what he had done with the hologram at their next meeting, Tarisian prepared for his next campaign of the Clone Wars.

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