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Several years have passed since the small planet of Abridon had nearly been destroyed in an attack by the Badoo Corba terrorists; an attack many believe was linked to the occupation of Naboo by the Trade Federation.

The long re-building process has been underway for over 18 months, and despite exceptional progress, few citizens have returned to their ravaged home world.

Having recently arrived on the surface, Finis Valorum’s team prepares to gather evidence that the Trade Federation was involved with the attack on the planet.

“Stay here in the central district and keep an eye on things,” Rykrof tells his good friend, Tylin Gere. “We’ll first check where Ambassador Tame Heem was taken prisoner. If there’s any evidence of the Federation being here, that would be the first place to look.”

Although their clearance codes allowed them to land, the group is confronted by a worker about their reasons for being on the planet.

“As we stated earlier before our landing, we have clearance to be here,” Valorum tells him. “We are to survey the extent of the damage in the northern sector and report our findings to the Senate; nothing more,” he lies.

“Finis, we’re taking an awful risk,” Rykrof says once they are a safe distance from the central district. “If word of this gets out, we will face a harsh committee back on Coruscant.”

“That’s a risk I’m willing to take,” Valorum replies. “The holonet can spin the facts and the Senate can look the other way. But we both know damn well that the Badoo Corba had help from the Trade Federation in this attack . we just need proof.”

Boracca then growls his frustration with their investigation.

“I know pal,” Rykrof replies. “No trace of the Federation anywhere. Not even a lousy busted up droid.”

Suddenly a laser blast rifles in front of Rykrof, narrowly missing him!

Rykrof’s commlink then heats up with an urgent message from Tylin.

“Rykrof, several ships have jumped out of hyperspace, and they’re not friendly. Looks like the Badoo Corba either knew we were coming here, or they’re here to finish the job. They’ve got us pinned down here pretty bad.”

Rykrof then curses to himself, “Blast this damn planet. It’s cursed. I swear it.”

“We’ve got a sniper somewhere out here trying to pick us off,” he states into the commlink.

“Looks like their leader is with them!” Tylin answers back as his troops return fire on the terrorist force.

“They’ve got the upper hand, I don’t know how long we can hold out here.”

With terrorist leader Trigg Fuuda leading his relentless Whipid mercenaries into battle against the Republic forces at the central reconstruction site, his force quickly gain the upper hand in the fight…

…and the meager Republic force struggles to maintain their position!

But back at Rykrof’s position, Boracca has taken out the sniper pinning the group down.

“Tylin, we’re secure here now. Just hang on, we’ll be right there!” Rykrof informs his friend.

“Now what?” Valorum asks.

“You need to stay here,” Rykrof says as Boracca picks up a rusty war ax among the rubble. “You know how to use a blaster?”

“Of course,” Finis replies.

“Good,” Rykrof says as he hands a weapon to the old man. “I want you to stay hidden until this is over.”

Rykrof then catches up with Boracca, who seems to have gotten wind of something.

Without warning, a bloodthirsty Trandoshan terrorist leaps over a pile of debris!

But before Rykrof can raise his blaster, Boracca decapitates the fierce creature, spilling its blood on the street.

The head of the Trandoshan rolls at the feet of the two.

“Let’s go,” Rykrof says in disgust.

Meanwhile, Tylin Gere’s force stands strong against the onslaught of the Badoo Corba.

Moments later, Rykrof and Boracca enter the battlefield and overwhelm the terrorist invaders.

With the advancing Republic forces, Trigg Fuuda then realizes his team is about to be caught in a cross fire.

“Trigg!” Liris Foil shouts, “Where are the Battle Droid reinforcements you promised?”

“Shut up you grub,” Trigg snarls in frustration. “They’ll be here!”

But the Battle Droids promised to land in conjunction with Trigg’s forces have not arrived, despite assurance from Count Dooku himself…

…and the Badoo Corba operatives continue to be picked off by Republic troops.

A dawning realization then hits Trigg Fuuda; there will be no aid from Count Dooku this time. This mission was a test, and he has failed miserably. And he recognizes the Republic officer who has helped turn the table on him . Rykrof Enloe.

“Prepare to withdraw our forces,” Trigg orders his remaining henchman.

As quickly as it began, the battle is over as emergency crews begin to tend to the wounded.

As Rykrof and Boracca survey the dead Whipids, they are approached by Finis Valorum and Tylin Gere.

“I thought you were going to stay back where it was safe,” Rykrof says to Finis with a smile.

“Old in body, young at heart,” Finis Valorum replies. “Sometimes in order to understand the truth behind why we fight these terrorists, one must see the war with their own eyes rather than hear second hand tales.”

“That was too small of a strike force,” Tylin observes. “Something went wrong in their attack.”

“I agree with that assessment. Their leader was amongst them as well. In my research of the Badoo Corba, it’s against their nature to willingly go into a fight with such a disadvantage,” Valorum says.

“This attack was reckless… it was unorganized.”

“Well if Trigg Fuuda is alive, we’ve got to find him and interrogate him. He might be our only proof to the Senate that the Federation is involved in a plot against the Republic,” Rykrof points out.

“And he can face justice for another senseless attack.”

Meanwhile on Geonosis, the planet’s remote location has made it an ideal base of operations for the Separatist movement that is spreading through the galaxy.

“Viceroy Gunray,” Dooku smiles. “How good to see you.”

“Count Dooku! What of the attack on Abridon,” Viceroy Gunray asks. “Did the Badoo Corba succeed?”

“The Badoo Corba are no longer at our disposal, I am afraid. The decision has been made that any links to a terrorist group may hurt our support in the coming movemenet,” Dooku says.

“But our friends here have pledged their mechanical military forces to our disposal, just as my Master has forseen.”

“But you promised me the Badoo Corba would kill Senator Amidala of Naboo,” Nute Gunray bellows.

With a smile, Dooku simply tells the viceroy to have patience.

“Her time will come soon enough. But we can not afford for the finger to be pointed at you for her death; or for the Republic to connect us with the Badoo Corba at this time. So, for all intents and purposes the Badoo Corba cease to exist.”

“Senator Amidala will be eliminated in due time.”

That evening, Count Dooku meets with his master, Darth Sidious.

“The Force is with us, Lord Sidious,” he says as he takes one knee. “The Badoo Corba have been wiped out by the Republic.”

“Good,” the Dark Lord hisses. “Then their maniacal leader can not become a liability in your bid to acquire allies for the war.”

Meanwhile, Trigg Fuuda sneaks into his backup ATL Interceptor back on Abridon. As he prepares to leave the system, he curses both the planet and Rykrof Enloe; who he swears will pay the ultimate price for forcing him into disfavor with Count Dooku.


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